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by Justin Bonzo -
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Hello all,

I'm a PhD student at Lancaster University in the E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning programme. I've just completed my 2 years of course work and am about to embark on the thesis journey.

For my research I'm interested in the interconnectedness that takes place between learner, instruction and the technology in networked learning. synchronous online interviews is a potential research method.

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by Janet Salmons -

Welcome Justin. Sounds interesting! Yes, I am interested in that interconnectedness as well-- the research I've conducted has been about online collaboration/collaborative e-learning.

Have you seen this article? It is a few years old but you might like it:

Anderson, T., & Elloumi, F. (2004). Theory and practice of online learning. Athabasca: Athabasca University.

It is online at:

I hope you'll share your ideas, questions or dilemmas about how you might use interviews in your study...

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by Jeffrey Keefer -

Congrats on finishing your course work!

Question about your interest in the interconnectedness between "learner, instruction and the technology." How are you using "instruction" in this context?