eLearning in Developing Countries: October 2-22, 2007

Connecting children around the world

Connecting children around the world

by Dr. Nellie Deutsch -
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Global SchoolNet: Children learning together around the world

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Re: Connecting children around the world

by Nalin Abeysekera -

It is sensational…….children are our future….again I think we should concern about awareness level….for that I think we can have some awareness programs via internet as well as face to face .In Sri Lanka there are about 9000 schools. But according to my knowledge pupils don’t have the awareness of this kind of stuff. As elders we should take them to that destination. I think we can have,

1.       Awareness programs –with the collaboration of certain schools, authorities

2.       News letters-

3.       Quizzes-if students answer the some prizes-(as a method of sales promotion)

4.       Awareness program for teachers-this should come as top priority

5.       Using celebrities….to induce students……

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Re: Connecting children around the world

by Dr. Nellie Deutsch -
Today's children are the leaders of tomorrow. I have been involved with Cisco Neta Project for the past 4 years.  Cisco is sponsoring e-learning programs for high school students around the world. I have been teaching Israeli Arabs; Moslem and Christian, Jewish Israelis; religious and secular , and Ethiopian and Russian immigrants from poor socio economic backgrounds not only to learn English for computer studies, but leadership and teamwork skills. Bridging the digital gap is an ongoing process that needs everyone's attention. Teachers and leaders can add a Cisco academy program to their school.

I have added an article from a recent conference called Youth as the actor, ICT as the enabler! .