Reports from UCIPD Meeting, Sept 21 2007 at TRU

Reports from UCIPD Meeting, Sept 21 2007 at TRU

by Elizabeth Wallace -
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Thompson Rivers University hosted a gathering of about twenty representatives of the UCIPD member insititutions on Friday, Sept. 21st. Many thanks to Penny Heaslip and our other TRU hosts for making everyone welcome.

The agenda is attached and resources from the meeting (e.g. Norm Friesen's PowerPoint slides) are being uploaded to this SCoPE site in the next few days.

This is an invitation to the members who made the journey to Kamloops to post their institutional updates in this SCoPE forum, to provide links which will connect us with information, and to attach any relevant documents. This is also an opportunity to continue the discussion of issues raised at the gathering, and to build the capacity of UCIPD to play a leadership role in educational development in BC.

A reminder that this Special Interest Group (SIG) is private at the moment, If you agree with that, or if you believe it should be publicly available (we have 1300 registered SCoPE members and hundreds more surfers) please indicate your preferece in the poll at: 

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As some of you know, I had some car problems and had to leave the meeting early, so for selfish reasons, I'm really, really looking forward to reading your postings :-)


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Re: Reports from UCIPD Meeting, Sept 21 2007 at TRU

by Penny Heaslip -

Thompson Rivers University Centre for Teaching and Learning has been involved in the following initiatives over the past six months since our last meetings. We held a series of faculty development activities; “May Daze” which included ISW’s, topics on Technologies in the Classroom and intercultural workshops. We had a very interesting workshop on Documenting the Moment; the use of Illustrated Journals for learning by Dr. Lyn Baldwin. Our major initative is to provide workshops for faculty and students on Intercultural workshops. Kyra Garson has been instrumental in leading this initiative. Kyra provided copies of the manual she produced for TRU-World and is available to workshop faculty on this topic across the province. In August we held a week long series of sessions and one of the most popular was on Portfolio preparation. We also through Open Learning division had our second conference on Tech-It –Up.

We have apply to the CASTL program and are submitting a PD proposal to BC Campus.

TRU Centre for Teaching and Learning has Dr Norm Friesen (Canada Research Chair e-Learning Practices), Doug Balestha ( Educational Technology Co-ordinator) , Kyra Garson TRU-World consultant, Ted Keating of TRU Open Learning Tutor support.

TRU enjoyed hosting the UCIPD Network and hope that we can do so again. Thanks for coming. It was a stimulating meeting.

Penny Heaslip
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Re: Reports from UCIPD Meeting, Sept 21 2007 at TRU

by Doug Hamilton -


I've attached a summary report of the World Cafe dialogue session that Lin Langley, Nancy Randall, and I facilitated in the afternoon of our UCIPD meeting. I've left the session agenda in "outline form" in case someone wishes to use it as a guide for facilitating his/her own World Cafe.

Also, please see the "Moving Forward" section for the list of follow-up activities we brainstormed.


Doug . . .