Digital Identity: December 1-18, 2009

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Re: Thanks and Happy Holidays!

by Christine Horgan -
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Thank you, Cindy.

I have been lurking....but still getting a lot out of the conversation and collective wisdom.

I've also been trying (unsuccessfully--hence my lurking) to craft a response because I have, in many ways, found this seminar particularly disturbing. Which may sound odd....but as the parent of a teenaged girl I run that constant battle around appropriate use of social media and privacy and safety. We all, as teens, make less-than-brilliant decisions ...some of which we hope will never come back to haunt us...but I have to wonder what will come back to haunt her as a result of the digital identify she is unwittingly building. As a result, I have found that I have not been able to step back and look at the discussion in terms of myself, my "professional" self, or students. Thus, I have been a learner vs. a contributor to this discussion.

A thought provoking discussion,...thank you,

Chris Horgan