Digital Identity: December 1-18, 2009

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

by Cindy Underhill -
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Thanks to all of you who participated in this discussion with us. I've enjoyed learning about your projects and your perspectives on the issues we've touched on. I've learned alot and much to take back to our student team for them to look at in the development of the new module we are working on for the Digital Tattoo site.

Here is a link to our Slideshare space:

Feel free to use any of the materials we've developed.

All the best for the holidays!

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Re: Thanks and Happy Holidays!

by Sylvia Currie -
Thanks so much Cindy and Trish for facilitating the Digital Identity seminar and for sharing the Digital Tattoo project with us. And thanks everyone for such an excellent discussion. There were so many good questions raised and links to follow!

This is such an interesting topic and obviously EDUCATION is important in raising awareness about our digital identities. As every has pointed out there are way too many instances where individuals have simply not thought through the consequences of their actions online.

I think it was Terry Anderson, though, during our live session who pointed out that we can't forget the positive side to social networking in the context of learning. Sometimes we're very quick to zoom in on the negative aspects. That point really stuck with me.

And getting at security and privacy issues, Tony Bates offers one solution (for Canadians) in his blog segment today on Sharing of networked services across a province or inter-provincially.

Nothing like wrapping up a seminar with so much more to think about! This topic really is HUGE, and will need to be revisited often.

We're not quite ready to wrap up for the holiday season here at SCoPE. Tomorrow (Monday, December 21) we have a special guest for one hour only! Curtis Bonk, author of The World Is Open, will be joining us for a Q & A session in Elluminate. You're invited to share your questions for Curt ahead of time or just drop in! Hope to see you all there!
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Re: Thanks and Happy Holidays!

by Christine Horgan -

Thank you, Cindy.

I have been lurking....but still getting a lot out of the conversation and collective wisdom.

I've also been trying (unsuccessfully--hence my lurking) to craft a response because I have, in many ways, found this seminar particularly disturbing. Which may sound odd....but as the parent of a teenaged girl I run that constant battle around appropriate use of social media and privacy and safety. We all, as teens, make less-than-brilliant decisions ...some of which we hope will never come back to haunt us...but I have to wonder what will come back to haunt her as a result of the digital identify she is unwittingly building. As a result, I have found that I have not been able to step back and look at the discussion in terms of myself, my "professional" self, or students. Thus, I have been a learner vs. a contributor to this discussion.

A thought provoking discussion,...thank you,

Chris Horgan