Digital Identity: December 1-18, 2009

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Re: Where Next for Digital Identity?

by Cindy Underhill -
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Hi Shirley,

Thanks for sharing the link to your project - I really like the idea of case studies shared by participants. I didn't spend enough time on the site to get a sense of how the context for case studies was shaped or whether discussion was facilitated - would be great to chat with you further about this.

Trish and I (and colleagues) have been working with case studies (news items and examples mainly) in our sessions with student groups around the digital tattoo project we are involved with. We initially we hoping that visitors to the site would share their stories as well - though we haven't had much success with this so far - would be great to talk further about the strategies you used to generate stories.

Maybe we could arrange an online chat sometime with our student team? Sorry you can't be with us on Friday.