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Networking: the new literacy?

Re: Networking: the new literacy?

by Trish Rosseel -
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Hi folks,

Vance, thanks so much for your thoughtful posting. Lots of great stuff to think about and explore further. In particular, I was intrigued by your approach to learning from your network via tools like Twitter.

I was in a meeting just the other day with some colleagues who noted some of the benefits and challenges of keeping up with Twitter..."keeping up" being what frustrates some folks. Your posting highlights for me a great alternative way of thinking about "keeping up" --> learning what you can as you're able and knowing when to move on and not feel the need to keep up with everything posted by everyone in your network.

One of the key areas in my work with students is helping them search and sift through the wealth of research and information at their disposal to find key sources which will support their research assignments, projects. An important element of this process is knowing when to move on, but it can be a very difficult step as there is often a mistaken belief that there is one perfect source that will facilitate learning and understanding. I also like the network approach because it highlights the fact that it is the multiplicity of sources, people, viewpoints that enriches learning.