Digital Identity: December 1-18, 2009

Welcome to our December seminar!

Re: Welcome to our December seminar!

by Cindy Underhill -
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Hi Wendy and Julia,

Given the interests you have both shared, I thought you might want to know about some resources that we developed (related to the digital tattoo project) for a couple of specific audiences here in Vancouver:

1. Resources for teacher candidates in the Faculty of Education at UBC:
2. Resources for grade 9 class on the topic:

In both cases, the idea was to present a few relevant case studies and a set of questions for small group discussion. Following the learning design for the website, we don't want to be prescriptive, but rather have people think about their own level of comfort with online sharing, etc.

With the teacher candidates, we also wanted them to explore the case studies from 3 different perspectives: as individuals, as practicing teachers and as part of the larger profession of teaching. Looking at the issues through multiple lenses offered an opportunity to see some of the "sticky" places - where many different interests need to be negotiated and addressed.

Look forward to hearing more about your observations and your research!