TRU Newsletter / Meeting Sept 21, 2007

TRU Newsletter / Meeting Sept 21, 2007

by Penny Heaslip -
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Here is the TRU Newsletter for August / September 2007 (pdf File)

I assume everyone has received the meeting materials for the UCIPD meeting on Sept 21, 2007 in Kamloops. If you have not please contact Penny Heaslip 

Also I have a question. Is every college, university and institute in BC represented on this list and / or the UCIPD list?  Just wondering how inclusive we are?  For example do the representatives have to be heads of  Centres for Teaching and Learning or are other faculty involved in PD welcome at these meetings? Do we have terms of reference or are we less formal re membership and how often etc we meet. Can someone inlighten me as to who is welcome at thge UCIPD meetings?   

Penny Heaslip


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Re: TRU Newsletter / Meeting Sept 21, 2007

by Elizabeth Wallace -

Hi Penny:

Thanks for using this forum to reach UCIPD members. I'll be talking about use of SCoPE for UCIPD on the 21st. so this is a good example of how it might benefit the group.

As far as I know, Nancy Randall, Nancy Sly and Janice Johnson have been holding UCIPD together ever since government funding disappeared, so they can answer your questions better than I. But based on the membership list in SCoPE, which duplicates the email membership list, there are about 85 individuals with membership. These represent most of the post-secondary institutions in BC, and include staff of centres, as well as a few interested people. Paul Stacey from BCcampus is on this SCoPE list, for example.

No, there are no formal terms of reference, and it has come up from time to time. It may be part of our discussion at TRU. I has been pointed out that without a formal structure and an elected executive and all the other structures of a not-for-profit group, it is difficult to apply for funding or to gain other recognition. In the few years I've been involved, meetings have settled into a regular rhythm of twice a year gatherings, with a volunteer institution hosting for a day.

I hope others will reply to your question. Recommended that you click on the "see this post in context" link at the bottom of the email message generated. You will be prompted for an ID and password, which was originally set up as the first part of your email unless you changed it (e.g.ewallace, ewallace).



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Re: TRU Newsletter / Meeting Sept 21, 2007

by Penny Heaslip -

Thanks for the response regarding members on SCoPE for UCIPD.  Thsi gives me some information and also raises some questions.   I hope we can discuss these issues at thsi meeting or the next one in the Spring.  


Thanks Penny