WebCT Domination?

WebCT Domination?

by Matt Lingard -
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Not of the VLE market, nor of mergers and acquisitions...

I'm referring to the experience of those posting to this discussion (and I include myself). WebCT users seem to to be plentiful and there are not so many (any?) Blackboard users in the discussion yet. Although there are plenty of lurkers!

Are WebCT users more concerned about the 'merger'? Is that valid? Do we have more to fear?

As a colleague suggested to me this morning, a brand new combined product, if it appears, would be potentially as new to Bb users as it would be to WebCT users. But that's for the future. For now it's just interesting to see a fairly quiet Blackboard camp...
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Re: WebCT Domination?

by Dan O'Reilly -

Hi Matt,

I have been wondering the same thing.  I am participating on another list, the BB-WebCT-MERGER list, and it does seem to me that the majority of concern posted on that list seem to be coming from the WebCT community, rather than the BB community.  As well, it seems that many of the posts from the BB community, on that list at least, are from individuals at institutions supporting both platforms. 

I was also under the impression that the BB community did not have as strong a community "spirit" as the WebCT community, partly because BB did not provide the type of support for communication between the client base that WebCT has provided.  However, that might simply be one of those mythical prejudices nurtured within the WebCT community.  But if this is the case, this might be a concern for the type of user community that might eventually emerge.  I know that one of the strong attractions I have found with WebCT is the community spirit of the different users.  Any BB community members here who can shed light?

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Re: WebCT Domination?

by Corrie Bergeron -

Hey-ho.  I'm a Bb admin going back to CourseInfo 2.x.  (That's coming up on seven years.)  There are a couple of very active listserves run out of ASU for Bb users and administrators.  Most of us use the lists and their archives as much, if not more, than the "official" Behind the Blackboard tech support site.  

When the announcement hit, there was the expected flurry of oh-my-Moodle and gosh-golly-gee-whiz reaction, with similar splits between the "hey - it's sliced bread!" and "hey - it's the end of the world!" points of view.  (My own reaction, as I forwarded the announcement to the list, was simply, "Whoa!")  The discussion quickly migrated over to the BB-WEBCT-MERGE list hosted by OLN.