Thank you!

Thank you!

by Sylvia Currie -
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Thanks so much Neil, Nancy, and Andrew for facilitating three engaging Art of Teaching sessions and also for the sharing and discussions in between. I love this tweet from @NeliMaria: "It's very important! RT @scope_community: Art of Teaching video now on YouTube". Neli's right! It is very important that we continue to discuss the Art of Teaching. approve

The entire process of planning how to integrate the video into a series of web conferences and a seminar discussion was a great experience, and it sure helped to have Randy LaBonte with all his moderating expertise to show us the way! Thanks Randy! And thanks everyone for your participation.

The URL we distributed for accessing the video during this seminar was only temporary for this event. However, the video is available on YouTube, broken down into 8 sections. Of course we're very interested in feedback on how you are using the video at your own institutions, and any other thoughts about the Art of Teaching as they come to mind. As with all SCoPE seminars this forum will remain open for revisiting and afterthoughts.

Combining synchronous and asynchronous discussions poses some challenges when it comes to summarizing. I had another read through the forum posts and decided to tag all questions posed. I thought that would be an interesting way to get an overview of what people are curious about. Unfortunately, that doesn't include all of the wonderful questions raised during the Elluminate session, both in the text chat and through audio. I also tagged all resources mentioned in the seminar.

I'm still compiling a list of who participated over the three weeks. I think I counted 27 in the Nov 3rd session. Tracking participation is also not easy when we are participating in different ways! And of course there are those we don't know about who access the recordings and read along the discussion. At SCoPE that participation on the periphery is welcomed.

As Neil mentioned in the final session, he is working on a new video on inquiry based learning. We hope the Vancouver Island University team returns when that one is ready to roll!

Our next seminar, Re-thinking E-learning Research, with Norm Friesen begins tomorrow! I hope you'll all join us!

Thanks again everyone!

Sylvia Currie
SCoPE Community Coordinator