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Conferences we're going to

Conferences we're going to

by Emma Duke-Williams -
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As several people have suggested that it could be useful to have a list of events that people are hoping to go to, I thought I'd start it off:

1: HEA-ICS - Southampton, UK 28-30th August. i'm going to be doing something on SecondLife. I'm not sure that anyone else here is likely to be going to it (Lecturers in Computing/ Information in the UK).

2: ALT-C - Nottingham, UK 4-6th September. I'm just a delegate here, but as it's the main conference for Learning Technologists in the UK & has quite an international audience, I guess some of you could be going.
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Re: Conferences we're going to

by Inge Ignatia de Waard -
2-3 October 2007: m-learning: innovation and engagement, a conference in New Brunswick, Canada. I am a speaker there (learning projects in low resource settings).

28 - 30 November 2007: online educa Berlin, a conference on eLearning in Berlin, Germany. I will be giving a workshop on vodcasting (video on demand) and a presentation on the same topic.

Feel free to contact me if you are in the neigborhood.
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Re: Conferences we're going to

by Diane Brewster -
Hi Emma.

I won't be at any conferences this summer - writing up - eek. but my colleague, Tom Hamilton, will be at Alt-C.  we work for the Sussex/Brighton CETL  "InQbate: The CETL in Creativity" at the Sussex site, so say hi to him.

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by Derek Chirnside -
I belong to two sort of groups that try to meet up around conferences.  Very disparate geographically, but if we find out we are near one another for a conference we sometimes plan a F2F meet.