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Re: email displays, spam

by Przemyslaw Stencel -
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Bev raised the issue of having email addresses exposed to the world. If anyone else is concerned about this here in SCoPE there is an email display option...

... and even if you choose (intentionally or otherwise) to expose your email address to the world, moodle employs a mechanism which hopefully should make it harder for spammers to harvest email addresses from SCoPE user profiles. I don't know how effective this mechanism is in practice, but have a look at the source of the user profile page - the email address is obscured. For example, my email address in the source of the user profile page looks like this:

(just a short note from a lurker from the other side of the world. BTW, I greatly enjoy reading SCoPE discussions and learn heaps from them - big thanks to all of you :-) If only I could participate more often..., but you know, it's a time management issue :-))