Interview Matrix Strategy introduced in today's session

Conversation Memos

by Sylvia Currie -
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I thought I'd follow along Neil's lead to document some strategies. I mentioned 'conversation memos' in our Elluminate session yesterday. I was introduced to this simple activity in a graduate course with Peter Grimmett at SFU many years ago. It's such a simple idea but really effective.

This strategy:
  • connects curriculum with personal lives of students and their communities (authentic)
  • provides a way to for students to share and discuss issues and interests, and events in their lives
  • engages students in reflective practice
  • encourages shared responsibility for the activity
  • motivates students to participate -- i.e. it will be your turn next! :-)
  • 2-3 times (depends on numbers) during the semester each student writes a memo to the rest of the class.
  • This memo explains a specific teaching dilemma or questions/struggles related to readings and class discussions, etc.
  • Bring sufficient copies of the memo to distribute in class
  • Each class approx 15 minutes is spent discussing each memo.
  • Could easily be implemented online
  • In large classes the memo disucssion could be done in groups