Evaluating This Seminar

Evaluating This Seminar

by Vivian Neal -
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[Bruce, I have moved your notes from the Greatest Insights wiki to this new topic as it is an important contribution for improving and defining SCoPE and future seminars. I encourage others to comment also. Vivian]

"BJ: 11/18__ Several items of interest have been brought forth. Not how to design or why ... but whether or not the ID and the SME get along. As important as this is I am still not sure it is relevant to the actual design process. The communication process is essential for ID/SME, ID/Facilitator, ID/Student and each is different and should be discussed separately.

IMHO the topic indicated a discussion on those things we use to effectively present content in a learning environment. I went back and reviewed the missives posted and found few relating to theory, strategy, tools, etc. These are the things we use to design and what I was expecting.

I guess I have heard the topics presented here too many times on too many forums, discussions and lists not to have heard each argument at least a dozen times.

Is it possible this is a symptom of problems within the practice of Instructional Design indicating that as IDs we are clueless? We perform a very important function but can not pass along or discuss the hows and whys? "