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by Derek Chirnside -
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A little while ago I was introduced to Meebo.  Aggregated many different Instant Messaging services, so for a couse I ran we could use what we liked and keep in touch.  meebo.com is down at the moment though.

We now have preferences of (with random attributions) Ning (Deidre) Facebook (Colby, Jeffery) Elgg/Eduspaces (Emma) - References to Jaiku (Lisa) Twitter (??) and the others I missed . . .
  1. I don't suppose there is a humongous aggregator for all these . . .  Probably NOT!!   just back to RSS . 
  2. I'm not sure what I think about facebook/Ning/eduspaces for SCoPE . . .
  3. This is cool to know who is where - now I have more people to ask if I want to find out about one of these things, someone who actually USES the thing.
  4. Scaleablility.  Maybe we just have a SCopE friends group ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE and just rely on the network/serendipity effect so that if something interesting happens on SCoPE-NING we know about it from our Blog RSS feed, or IM or post in Moodle-SCoPE . . .
    We could take over the world here.
  5. There are 5000 apps, which means we have a lot to do, even deleting the 4000 duplicates and wierd ones. 
    [No wonder I have so many languishing accounts]
My last post for the morning guys, don't take this too seriously.  I am enjoying this conversation immensely.  Today I think is officially the first day of Spring for us.  And the weather is reflecting this, sun and clear sky.
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