UCIPD - Cross-Canada Quality Assurance of Degree Education

UCIPD - Cross-Canada Quality Assurance of Degree Education

by Elizabeth Wallace -
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Greetings everyone. This UCIPD discussion forum has been "resting" over the past few months while everyone has been at the beach. I hope you are all continuing to enjoy the summer. 

Thank you to everyone who has completed the two polls on re-naming UCIPD and indicating whether our forum should be password-protected. The poll will remain open until after Labour Day so please indicate your preferences at: http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca/course/view.php?id=22

And now to address the topic in my subject line above. At the STLHE Conference in June, I heard some very interesting information about a new pan-Canadian quality and accountability framework.

The Ministerial Statement on Qaulify Assurance of Degree Education in
Canada can be found at: http://www.cmec.ca/postsec/qa/QA-Statement-2007.en.pdf

Standards are being set, including for example, Standard 7.4 which states:

7.4 Program Delivery – The delivery methods should allow students to
achieve the proposed learning outcomes at the degree-level standard. This should
normally be measured by looking at whether the delivery methods are
appropriate to the course content, the students involved, and the proposed
learning outcomes; the effectiveness of the expertise and resources, both
human and material, that support the program and its students; and the
processes for students’ feedback.

As you will read, the provincial ministries, including BC, are supporting the Ministerial Statement: http://www.cmec.ca/postsec/qa/QA-report-2007.en.pdf

Informing this initiative is the US National Survey of Student Engagement.

All this is already being rolled out in Ontario, where the Ont Council of Academic VPs (OCAV) has published this:

As an example of the work being done in Ontario, York University has set up a blog so that institutions can share information:

The presenter at STLHE cheerfully announced that this would all roll out across Canada once our Ontario friends had considered it.  Is this something that any of UCIPD members have started to look into? If so, let's talk about it here.