Designing Generative Exchanges

Capturing Our Knowledge

by Vivian Neal -
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During this seminar I haven't suggested any ways that participants could be posting and I haven't found a need for it. For the most part, participants have added facilitative parts to their postings - have others noticed this? But if I did try to "teach" participants how to participate, what would that look like? What would I be doing?

In the other discussion thread, Sarah discussed how she invited her students to record their reflections of their own and their peers' contributions to a discussion, at: I imagine that this exercise would result in the students learning how to be better contributors and in turn this would result in the generation of higher quality knowledge. At the end of her course, she then has her students produce a Gallery of greatest insights. Presumably, these insights would be of higher quality as a result of the first exercise. Then, to what extent is this collection of insights the generation of knowledge?

Finally, Liz and others, what process might work well at the end of this seminar to generate a collection of greatest insights, key points, or interesting reflections?