Write an article as an outcome of this seminar?

Write an article as an outcome of this seminar?

by Alice Cassidy -
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Hi, this is what was at the end of the message I posted in another thread, but I thought I would include it here too, in a new thread, in case some of you are reading by the thread, and not chronologically:

I am thinking that one outcome of being part of these interesting conversations that I am interested to pursue is to write a brief article on the key points that were raised, and a bit of the flavour of where in the world, and what sorts of centres people contributed from, for either our national teaching and learning newsletter (from STLHE) and/or for a journal article. For that I am thinking of a relatively new journal from Braslov University in Romania. I met the journal editor when she came to TAG at UBC to find out about starting her own T and L centre in Romania (Transylvania, to be exact!). She did set this up and the journal was an outcome. She has been asking me to write something.

So, I need to ask your permission to include excerpts, or examples or bits and pieces and ideally to name you and your institution, including web links, etc. What say each of you? Feel free to email me personally if you are more comfortable with that: alice.cassidy@ubc.ca

Vivian: how does this sit with you? Okay or not something you like to see done with the onine seminar discussions. I am thinking I do not need ethics approval, but do any of you out there feel otherwise? Also, Vivian, if this is okay to proceed with, will the archives of the seminar stay up fora while?

Many thanks all. Not sure I will be checking back until next week, as I have an off-campus meeting tomorrow, then not in on Friday. Will check back on Monday and hope we are all still here....(online in this form, I mean).

Cheers from the west coast of Canada,

Alice Cassidy at TAG, UBC