Kwantlen extends an Invitation to Dialogue

Re: Kwantlen extends an Invitation to Dialogue

by Alice Macpherson -
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Officially and outside departments, this is it for specific support.
Within departments, there are mentoring processes that are intended to support faculty. Each department also has a Curriculum committee that comments on and sometimes assists the development of course outlines, etc.
We also have individual initiatives that speak to particular project, particularly around accountability measures. These often come from the VP Academic's office.
There are also a number of colleagues who are doing projects and interactions "off the side of their desks" and with whom I am privileged to collaborate when they deem this to be appropriate.
The physical space that I inhabit is nice enough, but way off the beaten path and thus gets few visitors for us and our growing library of books that support teaching and learning. There is a promise of space in the new library that we are currently building on the Surrey Campus.

Projects that we are doing include our August 23rd Symposium (to which you are invited), our membership in a CASTL Leadership Cluster, our new eJournal: Transformative Dialogues on SoTL (, a Certificate program for new and experienced faculty that is grounded in the ISW and includes basic workshops in Cooperative Learning, Instructional Media, Authentic Assessment, Inclusive Classrooms, and more; Reading Circles; Peer Mentoring Alliances (interdisciplinary), as well as an Appreciative Leadership Certificate Program (accessed primarily by staff). I also do facilitations for groups working on Strategic or other Planning projects. When a request comes in, we can arrange for PD Made 2 Order. We are also trying to spotlight the embedded "Essential (employability) Skills" from the 12 that Kwantlen recognizes in all of our sessions.

This activity is done by myself, willing volunteers from faculty, and some outside facilitators.