Students disinterested in computers.

Re: Students disinterested in computers.

by Corinne Brooks -
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I'm wondering in an opposite direction. Some students I am teaching will only work on the computer. They moan like mad if they cannot have a laptop. When I cover lessons they always say they were told they can do x, y, z on the laptops even though the cover notes say otherwise.

In another school the other day I was quite surprised in an english lesson to discover all the pupils were writing their work on word processors. I wondered why i had just done a half-hour basic skills handwriting lesson if they rarely write things by hand.

Are we in danger of producing children who cannot write properly by hand or do simple tasks without a computer. These same pupils were absolutely stuck when Google would not load. (These are special needs kids) and would not be persuaded to eg use or yahoo instead - or even God forbid type in the name of the site they wanted into the address bar, even though they are very computer literate and eg run rings round me in designing powerpoint presentations.

Will these children cope in society if they cannot have their own personal laptop to help them in future?

(Gotta dash - very rushed post as I'm due to leave for work any second)