How to create templates on Wikieducator?

How to create templates on Wikieducator?

by Dilip Barad -
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Is there any discussion forum or webinar where we can participate to learn ' how to create templates for Wikieducator?
I have prepared several pages on Literary criticism on wikieducator. They are linked form my user page (
But i want some template where in all pages on similar topic can be easily accessed by students and teachers.
I have also given links to my moodle site ( from wikiedu pages. But i am not satisfied with it. It still is not easy to access. So i am in search of some such template which help me in it.
Thanks and regards.
Dilip Barad
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Re: How to create templates on Wikieducator?

by Dr. Nellie Deutsch -

This is an excellent idea. Live online workshops are an effective way to teach skills such how to create a template. I moderated an online workshop on basic wiki skills today that I will post later on. Perhaps we can plan a similar workshop on how to create templates. Please add a bit more on how your template can help others. You may add your explanation here or on the wiki.

Thank you.