Welcome to our August seminar!

Welcome to our August seminar!

by Sylvia Currie -
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About our seminar
Gladys Gahona and Nellie Deutsch have been collaborating online at WikiEducator, an international community dedicated to the design, development, and delivery of free content for learning. In this seminar they will introduce us to the many opportunities available to educators to learn from others, to collaborate on curriculum projects, and to explore new technologies that will improve educational access and quality.

About our facilitators
Nellie Deutsch has been teaching for over 30 years, and has earned several titles with WikiEducator, including WikiNeighbour, WikiAmbassador, appointed member of WikiEducator Community Council, and WikiArtisan. I hope she'll let us know the process to gaining this recognition! Nellie lives in Israel and is writing her doctoral dissertation, researching blended learning and and instructor use of web 2.0 tools for instruction and learning in higher education.

Gladys Gahona lives in Mexico and teaches mathematics, chemistry and physics. She dedicates her professional life to teaching and learning, particularly learning by doing and learning by teaching. approve Like Nellie, she has worked her way through the ranks of WikiNeighbour, WikiApprentice, WikiBuddy and now WikiArtisan.

Participating in live sessions and peripheral activities
There are several opportunities to learn more about WikiEducator during and after this 3-week seminar. To begin, please join Randy Fisher August 10 (TOMORROW!) at 22:00 GMT (your time zone) for a Virtual Field Trip of WikiEducator, organized in collaboration with CPSquare. We will meet in Elluminate. All details of this and other activities are posted to the forum description.

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Welcome! If you have any questions about this seminar or SCoPE be sure to ask!

Sylvia Currie
SCoPE Coordinator