Over-emphasis on the technology side?

Re: Over-emphasis on the technology side?

by Barbara Berry -
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Hi Diego and Everyone,
I have gone back a few times to re-read and consider the ideas on the emphasis of technology thread. It's complex.

You are reminding us of important elements that I believe we need to come back to if we are to deepen our exploration of meta communities and meta networks:
  • context
  • "space for interaction"
  • system
  • "personal hub"
  • activities
  • requirements
I am not sure that the "movement" of networked online learning communities is ready for a meta solution by way of technology infrastructure, systems, policies and standards. Are we at risk of formalizing, organizing, institutionalizing and problematizing learning networks and thus diminishing the "strength of the weak ties", the power of informal learning, the values of autonomy and collective empowerment among other things?

I have found an interesting article (attached) called "Realizing Wisdom Theory in Complex Learning Networks" by Ayse Kok of the UK. How does this inform our conversation about technologies?

cheers to all,