Introductions / Presentaciones

Introductions / Presentaciones

by Diego E. Leal Fonseca -
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Welcome to this SCoPE seminar! In the next three weeks we'll be exploring some issues that appear when you are in charge of (or are part of) several online communities at a time. Through study cases, we intend to explore both the emerging issues and some approaches to them.

We expect this to be a bilingual seminar, so that's the reason this thread is in both English and Spanish. Other discussion threads will be developed in just one language, but we think this starting point could reflect the apparent confusion of having to deal with more than one language at the same time.

So, please let us know who you are, what brings you here, and something about your background. And be ready to join us in the online sessions and discussions ahead.

Welcome! :D


Bienvenido a este seminario SCoPE! En las próximas tres semanas estaremos explorando algunas cosas que aparecen cuando usted está a cargo de (o hace parte de) varias comunidades en línea a la vez. A través de casos de estudio, pretendemos explorar tanto los problemas emergentes como algunas posibles formas de enfrentarlos.

Esperamos que este sea un seminario bilingue, y por esa razón este hilo de discusión está tanto en Español como en Inglés. Aunque otros hilos de discusión se desarrollarán en un sólo idioma, encontramos que este punto de partida puede reflejar la aparente confusión de tener que lidiar con más de un idioma a la vez.

Entonces, por favor cuéntenos quién es usted, que lo trae por aquí, y algo sobre su contexto (personal o profesional). Y prepárese para acompañarnos en las discusiones y sesiones en línea de los próximos días!

Bienvenido! :D
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by Jeffrey Keefer -

I am Jeffrey Keefer, and I live and work in New York City (though with the Internet and my online communities, time and space have less and less of a role).

I am often engaged in active reflection in SCoPE sessions (I read and reflect, though do not always make myself too present to other participants), though do not feel I should keep very quiet during this one as the subject is very fitting for my current reading of Wenger's earlier work that I am engaged in.

I have been an adult educator for a number of years, and currently manage projects with a clinical education / quality services department in a large non-profit healthcare organization. I am looking forward to these discussions here, though do not think I will be able to attend the synchronous sessions due to work commitments. What a nice mid-summer event!

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Re: Introductions / Presentaciones

by Helen Walmsley -
Hello/Hola everyone! I'm based at Staffordshire University and up until last year facilitated the Best Practice Models for e-learning community ( ). I've been a fan of SCoPE for a while, but not participated much so far!

I wasn't able to attend the live session yesterday, but I've just listened to the recording and found it very interesting, thanks to both presenters. I was struck by the idea of 'meta-communities' ie a community that facilitates other communities and it reminded me of the IDEA platform for local government communities of practice in the UK. ( ) Their approach is to offer the platform and allow any group to create a community within it. Each community has control over itself (rather like a Ning group), but there is a 'Community Hub' to bring them all together. I don't think there is a one-size-fits-all answer to the question about when is a group a community or a sub-community - why not let the group decide?

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Re: Introductions / Presentaciones

by caren levine -
Hello, all and greetings from New Jersey, USA. I am an educational consultant and am interested in ed tech, social media, professional development, and elearning. I have participated in varying ways on previous SCoPE seminars, and I am a huge fan of this venue.

Just wanted to wave my hand and say that I am enjoying all of these posts. I hope to participate more actively at some point, but meanwhile I am following the discussions. Great to meet you all!

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Re: Introductions / Presentaciones

by Barbara Dieu -
Hello Diego, John and all,

I'm Barbara Dieu (or Bee as people call me online) from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I teach EFL at a bilingual secondary school and, on the side, I am very much involved in social media, communities and networking.I am a frequent lurker at Scope but now as I am on holidays, I have a little spare time to post.

I am particularly interested in the challenge a network of communities poses, as Diego mentioned during his talk, in terms of systems (management, publishing and collection/aggregation) and relational/computational perspective. I am also attentive to the differences in approach and management that Paul mentions: private/public, formal/informal.

Looking forward to the exchanges.

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Re: Introductions / Presentaciones

by Barbara Berry -
Hello everyone!
Just back from holidays and I see a most interesting conversation in Scope on communities and networks so am joining in. My name is Barb Berry and I work as an educational consultant to faculty at SFU.

I am very interested in CoPs, networks and how these can be supported through the use of technologies. Recently I have been discussing a CoP framework as a way to support/mentor/coach MPH graduate students who are doing international practica. The model affords opportunities for research academics, practitioners, preceptors and students to come together, mentor and collaborate on the issues emerging in public health. I think there are some interesting tensions but huge potential in creating the space for academics, practitioners and students to be together. I wish to learn more about what is happening elsewhere in the world including the impacts of globalization on this work.

Thanks for the links to some very interesting reading. Looking forward to the conversations and presentations. Barb

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Re: Introductions / Presentaciones

by Dr. Nellie Deutsch -

Great to read everyone's posts. I have been both a lurker, an active participant, and facilitator at SCoPE. I am currently waiting for my research to be approved, so I can start collecting data on instructor use of blended learning in higher education. I am an active member of WikiEducator adding content, and developing/facilitating online workshops. I love the collaborative nature of the community.

I am looking forward to learning with you.

Warm wishes,
Nellie Deutsch
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Re: Introductions / Presentaciones

by xinia corrales -
Hola Diego:

Mi nombre es Xinia Corrales Escalante, trabajo como académica en la Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica en el Programa UNA Virtual , instancia de la UNA encargada de dar seguimiento y asesoría a las iniciativas de incorporación de TIC a la academia, el sitio web es: Imparto el curso de Innovación Docente con el uso de las TIC para los profesores de la universidad, el cual permite una construcción conjunta de aspectos pedagógicos y tecnológicos relacionados con el uso efectivo de las TIC, específicamente los recursos (blog, foros, wikis, glosario) que se ofrecen en el Aula Virtual de la Universidad Nacional.

Actualmente, estamos en el proceso de consolidar una comunidad de práctica, denominada por el grupo de acádemicos UNÀgora, que nació el año pasado como parte de un proceso de investigación de la docente Mayela Coto Chotto, quien estudia un doctorado en la Universidad de Aalborg, Dinamarca. La comunidad de práctica UNÁgora unió por medio de un espacio en línea a 30 acadèmicos de las diferentes sedes regionales de la UNA, a travès de un proceso de formación virtual donde los docentes tuvieron la oportunidad de dialogar con expertos en pedagogìa y tecnología de nuestro país y construir una innovación pedagógica. El año pasado fui facilitadora de dicho proceso. Fueron muchas las lecciones aprendidas y también las dificultades para mantener activos y comprometidos a 17 acadèmicos en esta experiencia innovadora para la UNA. Este proyecto continúa y su relanzamiento será el próximo 3 de agosto.

Estoy participando en este seminario por invitación de Johnn Smith, con el cual he tenido algunas pláticas en línea acerca de las posibilidades de las comunidades de práctica y su impacto en el curriculum universitario. Realmente, es un gusto estar presente en esta actividad, aunque un poco tarde, debido a que estamos en vacaciones de segundo período, será una gran oportunidad para aprender y transformar el conocimienton sobre las diferentes temáticas relacionadas con las TIC, pero específicamente su incorporación en la educación.

Un caluroso saludo a todos y todas las particantes de este seminario.