Molotov Alva Diaries

Molotov Alva Diaries

by Therese Weel -
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It is a video that describes the experience of second life vis someone’s online identity or persona.

Creating such a rich virtual persona is new for human beings. Yes, we have created online personas with profiles and blogs for years.

But a virtual world can really hit that ball out of the park.

I wonder how many second lifers and people who spend time online can relate to his story - I certainly can.

What is also interesting is that this fellow is actually creating the movie using  second life.

He will be continuing his video diary in the months to come in fact boing boing reports that it will be a made for tv series.

Hmmm - He’s certainly found some value in second life

Machinima documentary. Filmmaker, television producer, and multimedia artist Douglas Gayeton shot and produced this made-for-TV series online within Second Life:

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It could happen to anyone

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 - 1st episode of ‘My Second Life’ online! ‘My Second Life’was shot entirely in the popular online world Second Life. On one of his visits in SL, Filmmaker Douglas Gayeton came across a series of seven video dispatches by a character named Molotov Alva. It appears that a man by the same name mysteriously disappeared from his real world California home in January 2007. Will he find the answers he’s looking for?