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what does cash flow have to do with education?

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Hi Margaret,

That's a great question - aimed directly at The Society of the Spectacle (Debord) I presume?

Given that "education"is one of the many intangible commodities of the contemporary age it quite clear that "cash flow" (itslef a very dated economic principle) is one of the prime reasons that "education" is given so much lip service.

The commodification of many practices is seen as a principle driver of economic growth - and as we see primary (material) resources becoming more scarce whe'll see a huge shift towards selling us our own beliefs and practices... "education" is a process rememebr.. not something you can sit on the desk and admire...  it is something we can do independently of government and institutions... but we're lead to believe otherwise - "accreditation" in regulatory terms is about prioritising, hence priveleging, particular pathways to knowledge...

As educators we are complicit in this - and I suggest we need to develop our propensity for critical pedagogies in order that we at least declare our vested interest.

Hehe... I don't read "rhetorical" when it comes to questions!