The Universe of Virtual Worlds

The Universe of Virtual Worlds

by Therese Weel -
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It would be so nice if there was a nice list of Virtual worlds with a concise description of each one that we can easily wrap our heads around.

Unfortunately I haven't found one.  But I have found some recent posts  The first is from Bryan Alexander who comments on the evolution of virtual worlds at his blog

He mentions four alternatives that I want to explore further this week.
Multiverse, Ogoglio. Outback Online, Croquet

Also, sharing a post from  Onder Skall Dated March 2007

Onder Blogs at Second Life Games  where he provides a easily digestible overview of the games people play in second life. Well worth a browse.

He compares a number of virtual worlds based on the criteria below

Entropia Universe
Areae Inc.
Outback Online
The Sims online
Active Worlds
Project DarkStar
Virtual Object System

1. Cash transactions must be easy and readily accommodated flowing both into and out from the system.
2. Users must be able to create unique content and retain some form of ownership over it.
3. The fabric of the world itself must be possible to affect. IE: land ownership, room decoration, or some other content that remains viable even when the player who created it is logged off. (”Pervasive” is the word I’m groping for here…)

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Re: The Universe of Virtual Worlds

by Margaret Corbit -

Have you looked over ?

and my two cents: what does cash flow have to do with education?



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Re: The Universe of Virtual Worlds

by Therese Weel -
Thanks for that link. 

I guess the value of virtual worlds depends on what we will use them for.

I have come across a few articles which discuss the virtual economy of Second Life.   It seems virtual worlds have become an interesting place to study social economic topics such as the gift economy.

This article provides a glimpse into the subject.

The link comes from  from Michel Bawen's P2P Wiki - One of my favorite reading spots.


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Re: The Universe of Virtual Worlds

by George Kurtz -

Hi Therese,

This is an excellenct post.


George Kurtz

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what does cash flow have to do with education?


Hi Margaret,

That's a great question - aimed directly at The Society of the Spectacle (Debord) I presume?

Given that "education"is one of the many intangible commodities of the contemporary age it quite clear that "cash flow" (itslef a very dated economic principle) is one of the prime reasons that "education" is given so much lip service.

The commodification of many practices is seen as a principle driver of economic growth - and as we see primary (material) resources becoming more scarce whe'll see a huge shift towards selling us our own beliefs and practices... "education" is a process rememebr.. not something you can sit on the desk and admire...  it is something we can do independently of government and institutions... but we're lead to believe otherwise - "accreditation" in regulatory terms is about prioritising, hence priveleging, particular pathways to knowledge...

As educators we are complicit in this - and I suggest we need to develop our propensity for critical pedagogies in order that we at least declare our vested interest.

Hehe... I don't read "rhetorical" when it comes to questions!