SOF2008 year later

SOF2008 year later

by Terry Anderson -
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** You are receiving this message because you were registered in the May, 2008 online conference: Shaping Our Future: Toward a Pan-Canadian E-leaning Research Agenda **

Dear Participants:

It is now a year since we talked, typed, and listened to each other during our online consultation - Shaping Our Future: Toward a Pan-Canadian E-leaning Research Agenda.

The publication by the Canada Council on Learning's State of E-learning in Canada 2009 report on May 21, 2009 reminded us of the importance of a Pan-Canadian research agenda, and that we had not really publicized the result of this work. The final report on the conference is available at (PDF 1.4 MB).

We hope you will find the report of value and forward the link to those who may find it of interest.

Obviously much is happening related to e-learning in Canada but as many commentators reacting to the CCL report noted, there is much left to be done - not the least of which is solid research, using multiple methods and informing many communities.

Here are some noteworthy blog posts in response to the CCL report:

If you have suggestions about next steps for continuing our dialogue together, contact us or drop a note in the "One year later" forum on the SOF2008 conference site.

From your SOF2008 conference facilitators,

Terry Anderson,
George Siemens,
Sylvia Currie,
Paul Stacey,

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