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by Jesai Jayhmes -
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That last session was very educational. If you read the transcript of the chat it sounds positively inane.... but I keep remembering that much of it is in response to the audio which worked pretty well and the video which was an interesting experience.

For a limited time we succeeded in having 5 people on video at one time. It can handle six. I am guessing that the others haven't unpacked their webcams.

How was it???? To see your colleagues???? To interact this way????

You know it is only going to become more prevalent... this video conference and pre-made video option so we might as well start gaining the skills to do it now.

In reflecting on this seminar, we had time just to plug in the equipment and see it work... as well as play with the functionality of Adobe Conference Pro and Elluminate as well as some clever maneuvering to get videos visible with Wendy and Sylvia's help.

The next step? or steps?

well Nellie asked the question in her last video post about how I got my video to look the way it did.

Here is what I did... as per the pdf download that was posted on the forum:

1. Made sure my face was brighter than the background.
2. Made the background very simple, not distracting by hanging a coloured sheet behind me.
3. I shaved... no make-up this time..... though that is an option.
4. I recorded 6 short segments and picked the best ones.
5. I talked mostly about what you can do. If I talked about me, it was in relation to what can work for you.

Point 5: Very important, and we did not get into this very much. Just getting the technology to work took some time.

The next step is the art and skill of you as a presenter.
This is why I asked you for this week to deliver an intro for your course or service or event.

It has three parts:

1. Who am I (credentialize yourself)
2. Why I am here (talking to you)
3. What's in it for you to do what I am suggesting.

Keep it short, don't ramble, always leave them wanting more.
Paying attention to this is the difference between playing with the technology and using it to serve your ends.

and this is where we must go to really have the video capability help us in our striving to be better educators.

Remember! it is not going away! This is not a fad! Bandwidth will grow more and more and you have a unique opportunity to get a handle on it now.

I appreciate all of your input. If you are still following you are welcome to post another video.