Thinking Worlds

Thinking Worlds

by Corinne Brooks -
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Just tried out Thinking Worlds, which is being developed as a tool for use in Uk schools

The interface is pretty good. The worlds/environments I visited were very good - much better than on SL. i also managed to move around very easily (use of mouse for movement is coming later in the year).

However I found the pre-made games too basic, when they worked at all - eg read a text and answer true or false questions over and over in the Domesday Book section. The bullying task did not work but appears to be a similar game. The marketing one confused me and I ran out of time - if anyone works out what to do drop me a line.

However I can see that this has great potential. There are already activities uploaded for Science, ICT, History, English Lit etc.. I assume the use of different avatars etc will be developed too. I managed to change my character once but the change wasn't saved. With some good fixes as it is developed - and hopefully an easy authoring tool I can see this being a great tool in future, and more especially because it is not slowed down by thousands of other internet users on the servers (as in SL).

 I have not tried the authoring tool yet.
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Re: Thinking Worlds

by Tia Carr Williams -


Thankyou for this resource, which I shall explore when I have more time.

These self authoring environments are definitely the way to go for educators.