The Next Challenge!

The Next Challenge!

by Jesai Jayhmes -
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I think this is so cool!

Looks like some of you are having fun showing up on your own laptops and all over the world. Now, I know there were 30 people on the last webinar at one point. Also there are maybe more than a few lurkers. Let's convert a few lurkers to participants.

Would you be prepared to out yourself by posting your video recording?
Or please post some really creative excuse like "the dog ate my webcam",

Aren't we really just like the kids we teach? the same habits of procrastination with slightly different reasons/excuses. Myself included, I know how hard it is to do something awkward/embarrasing, that I can easily not make time for, especially as it does not at this moment put more money in my pocket, or love in my life and simply seems like a burden.

Even though this thing we are probing is nothing other than the very pinnacle of communication, it is easy to avoid the time to wade in. Its very intimidating.... Really.... It is........

We are not into shaming people into doing anything. That is so low brow and ineffective, second only to water-boarding, and that is frowned upon these days.

Isn't this the same dilemna that you have in being able to gauge the level of participation of an online class. Although, if this were a class rather than a seminar everyone might be required as part of the grade.
Here there is no such requirement of accountability. It is based solely on how you choose to play.

A lurker has an experience from, as it were, behind the bushes.
A text only poster has the ability to see, read, comment, critique
and guide.... little risk level, little exposure.
The video poster has another level of investment in body and emotions by being out there. They are therefore perceived differently by the rest of the group. For one thing, you can see them, and they can not see you.

"A recent fabricated survey revealed that 9 out of 10 teachers secretly loved to appear on video, they just thought they wouldn't be taken seriously as academics"


Its true, I read it in a forum!

Thankyou all for your participation in whatever form it may be. Each part has value.

Have a watch of this video. The next challenge is in there.

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Re: The Next Challenge!

by Elizabeth Anne -
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Re: The Next Challenge!

by Jesai Jayhmes -
Thanks so much Elizabeth Anne for showing up. Also its really nice to see videos shot outside. Its a reminder that it is spring and to go outside. I didn't mean to be harsh on lurkers and I appreciate you reframing the word for me.
In a seminar like this it helps when more people take the plunge.
For my learning style.... I love seeing the people that I am interacting with at least once.
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Re: The Next Challenge!

by Deirdre Bonnycastle -
Something else to consider when using video, it took almost 30 minutes for this video to load.