Serious Games and Virtual Worlds: April 4-24, 2007

The Conference at a Glance - Our Mind Maps and Wiki

The Conference at a Glance - Our Mind Maps and Wiki

by Therese Weel -
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Finding the time to participate in these seminars is a challenge for us all.

In the last Scope seminar on online facilitation. Nick and Sylvia used some tools to give us an 'at a glance' overview of the discussions. We'll also be using these tools in this session.

Mind Maps

We will be building several Mind Maps based on the discussions and Sylvia will be posting them in the resource area.   We are using Mind Meister and I encourage everyone in the conference to participate in building the map.   I am only to happy to give you the keys  to doodle or build your own map on a thread of interest to you.   Send me an email at or reply to this thread.

The Value of Serious Games Mind Map  direct Link

Our Wiki

I'll be rearranging and adding to this wiki as the conference progresses

You are  encouraged to drop things in as you browse around.  Dive in - You get extra points for spelling mistakes and being off topic.

Introductory Powerpoint.

We also have an introductory power point on Serious Games to seed our discussions.  It is attached to this post and you will also find it online here.

What is a Serious Game?
Serious Game Examples
The Value of Serious Games


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Re: The Conference at a Glance - Our Mind Maps and Wiki

by Corinne Brooks -
Tried looking at the mindmap but can't see it. Takes me to login page, I login and then can't navigate to it.

My mindmeister account name is angua
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Re: The Conference at a Glance - Our Mind Maps and Wiki

by Therese Weel -
Hi Corinne, 

Sent an invite.  Unfortunately I have to send out a invitation before someone can use MindMeister. I was thinking of sending out invitations to everyone, but I just looked and there are over 300 people on the list  - so I am on my best behavior now. wink

Anyone who is interested can email me at and I will fix you up.

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Re: The Conference at a Glance - Our Mind Maps and Wiki

by Therese Weel -
Hi Folks,

Another busy week.

I'm taking tomorrow off - my day job. In addition to enjoying the spring sunshine and some off-leash time, I'll be catching up and updating the mind maps and wiki. 

Tia is on a trip to the UK,  She made a quick pittstop at the internet cafe in the airport to tell us all is fine. She sent the message via Scope!  Tomorrow, Friday,  she will be presenting at a conference sponsored by our first guest Ron Edwards of Ambient Performance.  

Ron has assembled an impressive array of speakers who are interested in mobile learning including our last minute entry  Tia (yea!) who will be presenting on Industry player and discussing Serious Games and Virtual Worlds in a corporate learning context.

Obviously, Ron is very busy with this conference but I will be working on  enticing him back next Tuesday to spend an hour with us in the Virtual World There. Stay tuned.


The Seriously Mobile Summit is Friday, 20th April, 2007

Supporting Mobile Workforce Capability 

“Creativity is no longer about which companies have the most visionary executives, but which have the most compelling
architecture of participation. That is, which companies make it easy, interesting and rewarding for a wide range of contributors to offer ideas, solve problems and improve products” - Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Media


Tom Glocer, CEO, Reuters
Charles Jennings, Global Head of Learning, Reuters

Fabrizio Cardinali, CEO, Giunti Labs “Personalised Ambient Learning”
Nigel Paine “21st Century Learning”
Jay Cross “Informal Learning Goes Mobile”
Ron Edwards “Mobile Strategies”

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Re: The Conference at a Glance - Our Mind Maps and Wiki

by Therese Weel -
Posting the first draft of the PDF summary for this session.  I still have some work to do however I wanted to post it early as we wind down the discussions.  Tia is in the UK and will be online for the closing remarks this Tuesday.

We will not be having the event in There with Ron Edwards before the end of this conference.  We thought it best to focus on digesting the contributions  that have been provided rather than scheduling an event on the last day.

The PDF summary has a space for reflections on what we learned during our time here.  I will create a new thread to hold our thoughts.

The Value of Serious Games and Virtual Worlds

People 4

Mindmap 5

Conversations 8

Resources and Links 9

Reflections ....12

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Re: The Conference at a Glance - Our Mind Maps and Wiki

by Therese Weel -
Hi Folks,

Thank you so much for your participation and contributions thus far. 

The more deeply we engage within the group the more we will benefit from this experience.  

Since we're busy people and this is a long weekend, I though I would summarize where we are at.  First of all,  spent some time updating the mindmap and the wiki.  You'll find them here :

We have several discussion threads going including these three:

and we are looking at Some Serious Games

* Industry Player
* Some Games for Health from Dierdre
* Thinking Worlds

We are planning an ellumate session on Serious Games and a Foray to Boracay Island  in Second Life. We will update you on how those are coming along soon

If you want to dabble this weekend, Social Impact Games Has a nice categorized list of games to explore.  Come back and tell us what you found interesting.

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