Live session recording + transcript. Reflections?

Re: Live session recording + transcript. Reflections?

by Jesai Jayhmes -
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There are layers of learning offered through this onliine journey. Now I can review the entire class.


Thankyou all for your enduring patience and willingness to stay engaged through the chat when our technological difficulties arose....

and to be honest, that is one of the purposes of the seminar. To recognize the limitation of current technology and use it to its best advantage to enhance the teaching/learning exchange. The last 45 minutes seem to be glitch free with a number of very interesting points that were brought up. Thankyou for your participation.

I just watched me.... I was acutely aware of missing seeing you.
Needs balance... why do you want to look at me nodding while someone else is making a good point.... well, not all the time.
I also am reminded constantly that this medium really requires a team to deliver it.

In reading the chat, I became aware of the parallel experience going on beneath our video audio exchange.
and much of it was instructive, valuable to others and connected with our theme. I thank you for that. The chat resource can be just that when the posts are formulated as useful to all..... and Sylvia was ablt to give her attention to it which I could not do.

I believe an ideal team number is three. One more person just to be in charge of button pushing, mics, videos, tech glitches. There will still be challenges but some would be minimised.

Another aspect of using video is the degree that anyone feels comfortable with video exposure. The self-consciousness factor presents a hurdle for some of us. If that is you consider this... everyone you know has seen you and most of them are OK with who you are. The only difference is, you get to see you too! and its a bit of a shock but everyone gets over that.

Dust off your webcams, test your mics do your hair, get the lighting right in advance, silence the kids, dog, telephone spouse....and relax....... Explore the technology by recording and putting your video up, then you will be experienced for the next webinar on tuesday which is going to be on a different platform.... Eluminate.

Get your intro going.