The CHALLENGE: create a two to three minute video

Re: The CHALLENGE: create a two to three minute video

by Sylvia Currie -
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SCoPE can actually display videos directly when attached to a forum post. I just flipped the switch to enable it and have been fiddling with different formats and file sizes. I notice the files with .wmv format take forever to load, but .mov files load just fine. I'll keep investigating.

I know what Penny means about posting videos publicly. While SCoPE is open to the public it is less likely that others will come across your videos here. I posted my video to the SCoPE group in Facebook but didn't know it would also show up on my own FB page. Minutes later I received a comment from my best friend from grade 2! And my sisters were all over it. big grin

YouTube has a setting to make your movie private, but you still have access to the embed code to provide access from SCoPE. There's a restriction on how many times you can view private video but I'm not sure that applies when embedded.