technical issues?

technical issues?

by Kate Britt -
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Hi Sylvia,

When I'm viewing the SCoPE pages, the very top of the page doesn't seem to fit. I'm using IE6 on WinXP. I'm going to try attaching 3 screen captures: before logging in (a long set of words I can't read, but I can just make out the login link), after logging in (I can just make out the logout link), and the Jump menu.

OK, I can't get the HTML editor to insert my images, so here are the links to the 3 views:


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Re: technical issues?

by Sylvia Currie -
Thanks so much for the screen shots, Kate! Your feedback matches another message I received by email, also an IE user.

We're still working on the "theme" here in SCoPE -- new logo, colour scheme, etc. But there are some residual interface issues we still need to tackle.

Appreciate the input! approve