Using KaleidoSCoPE for discussions about SCoPE

Re: Using KaleidoSCoPE for discussions about SCoPE

by Elizabeth Wallace -
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Sylvia: All good ideas.

However, I think you should also have a space where we can list the various conferences and meetings that we attend and where people can meet with us to talk about SCoPE. For example, you have already made a presentation in the 2007 Northern Voice, and willl be at the Moodle Moot in Alberta. I made a presentation in Vancouver at the UCIPE Network, and will be presenting in Sydney, Australia in July. You just sent me an email list of places you are going and things you are producing to promote SCoPE.

Sylvia, apart from making explicit how visible SCoPE is becoming on an international scale, I think this will help the SFU administration in their decision making about support for SCoPE.