Learning the Art of Online Facilitation: March 1-21, 2007

Seminar take aways and next steps

Seminar take aways and next steps

by Sylvia Currie -
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Technically this facilitated seminar is coming to a close (March 21st), but we definitely need to consider ways to stay connected on this topic.

I really feel for Nick, who is suffering through some heavy duty computer problems.  black eye He keeps trying to get up and running and then the little people in his computer start slowly chipping away at his hard drive with an ice pick and it slowly shuts down again. He has managed to connect long enough to say he'll be back when he can for a summarizing post.

Nancy inspired us to the hilt with her telephone/text chat muti-tasking event, and we all just wanted more. I believe she said we'll hear more about plans for a refined online facilitation workshop after her travels. There's so much to ponder with this topic!

Jeffrey said earlier:

Thinking about our wonderful conversation here and how to continue it, perhaps we can or may want to consider creating an ongoing discussion about this, perhaps here in SCoPE or elsewhere. I am sure that other people around the world are struggling with some of these issues, and I can't help but think that perhaps if a group forms (as it seems to possibly be forming now) to consider some best practices or standards, then it may be tested and tweaked as needed.

What does everyone think? Will this type of focused discussion carry on in the onfac yahoo group? Or should we consider a special interest group in SCoPE?
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Re: Seminar take aways and next steps

by Brigitte-Louise Lessard -


I have not being very active to writing but much more to reading. I think you call that "lurking" (?!). With my name, you guessed that I'm not familiar with english so much.

If you continue digging the subject, I would like you to consider the student point of view. I'm not a facilitator but I'm using forums and could give the "naive" point of view of the not initiated.

I really don't know if it could be of any interest, may be you already know it all. :-I

Well, it was just an idea.

Hope I read you soon. Thanks.



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Re: Seminar take aways and next steps

by Jeffrey Keefer -
Perhaps this is just a busy time for everybody, being the transition between winter and spring!
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Re: Seminar take aways and next steps

by Emma Duke-Williams -
Or the start of the new academic year / end of summer for the antipodeans ;)