UCIPD Meeting March 16: Thank, Comments and Polls

UCIPD Meeting March 16: Thank, Comments and Polls

by Elizabeth Wallace -
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Many thanks to the Douglas College folks who made us so welcome at our Spring meeting on Friday, 16th.  The room was ideal, the coffee was hot and the lunch arrangements worked beautifully.  We appreciate all the effort, and we're glad that the memories of the Nov. 27th snowstorm can now be put to rest.

About 25 people gathered to share ideas and exchange information about what is happening at the variously named teaching/learning centres in our BC post-secondary institutions. More detailed notes will be shared shortly, but this forum is being set up to continue the conversations that we began at Douglas, and to invite those who couldn't join us to ask questions and contribute their thoughts.

Please note that two Polls are available on the UCIPD homepage, which can also be reached by clicking on: http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca/course/view.php?id=22 We look forward to getting your vote on choice of name and whether these discussion should continue to be password protected. When you use the poll tool, you will be prompted for a password which, for most UCIPD members, was originally set up using your email address as an ID and the first part of your email address as the Password. You may have changed it since. For example, my ID was originally ewallace@sfu.ca and my password was ewallace.

Your response to this message, and to the other message regarding formalizing and affilitating UCIPD which has also been sent out to you, is most welcome.



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Re: UCIPD Meeting March 16: Thank, Comments and Polls

by Paul Stacey -

Thanks for setting this up Liz. I voted.:)

I'd like to express my thanks to the UCIPD group too. I really enjoyed Friday's session. Its great to hear the effort being made to advance the scholarship of teaching and learning in BC'c higher education. I look forward to contributing to this effort on an ongoing basis.