Discussion of Formalizing and Affiliating UCIPD

Discussion of Formalizing and Affiliating UCIPD

by Elizabeth Wallace -
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During the UCIPD meeting, there was a conversation about the pros and cons of turning our loosely-knit network into a more formal organization, and affiliating with other provincial organizations.

For example, one pro is that incorporation would bring protection if we had board members. If we were to affiliate with BCcampus, we might have greater access to funding, and that's also a pro.

One of the cons for many people is that they like the strength of loose ties that we've created in UCIPD. Why fix it if it ain't broke?

What do you think of these ideas? What pros and cons can you think of?  Click on View in context to go the SCoPE and see the postings, or choose to reply directly.


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