Welcome to our May seminar!

Re: Welcome to our May seminar!

by Deirdre Bonnycastle -
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I'm starting this session a week late but here goes:

What is your criteria for teaching and learning based on your discipline and your preferred teaching style?

1. Student centered - What does the student need to learn. Medicine has very clear objectives but too often we focus on teaching in preordained time slots as opposed to learning to meet the objectives.
2. Active/Interactive - How do you engage them physically, mentally and collaboratively in learning X. Medicine lends itself to multimodal/concrete learning and I am multimodal/abstract in my teaching so I have to adjust.

What is your experience of being in front of the camera?
moderate in front, quite a bit behind the camera

How do you feel when you see yourself on video?
Fat - personally
OK-professionally I like my voice

What are the challenges for you in being a really effective online teacher/facilitator?
Not having enough experience as a facilitator as opposed to course developer where my experience is extensive.

What’s holding you back?
opportunity and time

What skills would you like to develop as far as online delivery goes?
I hate talking head video so I would have to say finding ways to use video more interactively or as a story telling medium.

Lastly, who am I? Deirdre Bonnycastle, Faculty Development University of Saskatchewan, College of Medicine. Just finished this video website.