Learning the Art of Online Facilitation: March 1-21, 2007

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by Maggie Verster -
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Hi David,

Firstly, my group is completely voluntary although the thought has crossed my mind to appraoch the Department of education to attach some "credit" to belonging to the group....that way we can get some teachers that really need to be there into the group and maybe they will then find some value..

I agree with you wholeheartedly that the perception of "value" is very important. When I meet up with some of the serious lurking teachers at f2f meetings they always tell me how much they appreciate all the resources and discussions (done by mostly the faithful few at the moment). So that gives me hope that we are on the right track.

As I am at the beginning of this journey, i realise that I must not throw all the new tools that I am so excited about at them all at once and concentrate on community building using that what they feel are of value. So, is there any quick way (I love instant gratification ;)) that I can determine what they find most valuable and focus on that for a while...?

Oh yes and David, I would love my teachers to team up with your group... I am sure there will be some that would find it veeery exciting.