Learning the Art of Online Facilitation: March 1-21, 2007

Field trip chat logs

Field trip chat logs

by Nick Noakes -
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Would anyone be willing to summarize and bring any points from these into the main threads?

Thanks :-)
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Field trip 1 - Chat log

by Nick Noakes -
Here is our campfire introductions and brief discussion chat log from the first group. There were some good points raised during the discussion!


[7:59]  Corwin Carillon: hello
[7:59]  Corwin Carillon: welcome
[7:59]  Eugene Perenti: Hi
[7:59]  Corwin Carillon: hi eugene
[7:59]  Eugene Perenti: had a bit of trouble logging in tonight
[8:00]  Cristina Papp: hi
[8:00]  Eugene Perenti: hello Cristina
[8:00]  Cristina Papp: hello eugene
[8:01]  Corwin Carillon: hi christina
[8:01]  Cristina Papp: hi corwin
[8:02]  Corwin Carillon: shall we go to the campfire
[8:02]  Eugene Perenti: there are some others scattered about the island i think
[8:02]  Cristina Papp: ok
[8:03]  Corwin Carillon: over here
[8:03]  Corwin Carillon: welcome
[8:04]  Corwin Carillon: to make it a bit more atmospheric
[8:04]  Cristina Papp: nice place
[8:04]  Corwin Carillon: world -> Force Sun -> midnight
[8:04]  Eugene Perenti: midnight it is
[8:05]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Oh, that makes it look different.
[8:05]  angua Koenkamp: ooh spooky
[8:05]  Corwin Carillon: :)
[8:05]  Cristina Papp: haaha
[8:05]  Corwin Carillon: so welcome all ...
[8:05]  Corwin Carillon: angua please have a seat
[8:06]  Corwin Carillon: right click on one the light brown balls and choose sit
[8:06]  Busy Link: I never know how to sit any more :-(
[8:06]  Corwin Carillon: you got it :)
[8:06]  Busy Link: at last :-)
[8:06]  Eugene Perenti: well done!
[8:07]  Busy Link: but you don't always have these aids to sit, right?
[8:07]  Corwin Carillon: I have to go and get a few people
[8:07]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Can I just aske a quick question ... I seem to have got a red arrow on the screen - I am guessing that it's pointing to Corwin. Is it?
[8:07]  Corwin Carillon: can you introduce yourselves?
[8:07]  Corwin Carillon: just click the red arrow and it will go
[8:08]  Corwin Carillon: one thing....
[8:08]  Corwin Carillon: next to the chat window
[8:08]  Corwin Carillon: is a history button
[8:08]  Corwin Carillon: click this
[8:08]  Corwin Carillon: it helps to have it open
[8:08]  Corwin Carillon: so you can read back
[8:09]  Corwin Carillon: so excuse me for a sec while I find one or two people who are lost
[8:09]  Eugene Perenti: ok
[8:09]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: SUre, I'm Emma - A lecturer from Portsmouth University in the UK. WE're starting to look at Second LIfe for teaching, but very much at the starting stages.
[8:09]  Cristina Papp: ok, thanks!
[8:09]  angua Koenkamp: why is busy link muted? did i mute them?
[8:09]  Busy Link: Am I muted?
[8:09]  Cristina Papp: I'm Cristina - i teach at the university of Barcelona and I'm interested in using SL in class to teach english
[8:09]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: I can see you talking, Busy Link
[8:09]  Busy Link: Emma
[8:10]  Corwin Carillon: hi
[8:10]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: hi
[8:12]  Eugene Perenti: No, i don;t think i was at that one
[8:12]  Busy Link: Wednesday evening with SusNyrop
[8:12]  Busy Link: Ah, a pity :-)
[8:13]  Eugene Perenti: i don't like telephone conferences much
[8:13]  Bee Kerouac: bonsoir
[8:13]  Eugene Perenti: hello Bee
[8:13]  Busy Link: I was talking about the EV sessions and the BaW workshop
[8:13]  angua Koenkamp: wonder if tiaka is coming today - we work on same online game
[8:13]  Busy Link: In fact it was quite interesting to do it with skype and a wiki
[8:14]  Busy Link: Hi Bee
[8:14]  Corwin Carillon: ok, so if you haven't already, please set the sun to midnight ... World -> Force Sun -> midnight
[8:14]  Eugene Perenti: What's BaW please?
[8:14]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: What were you doing with Skype & a Wiki, Busy?
[8:15]  Busy Link: Becoming a Webhead
[8:15]  Busy Link: a presentation
[8:15]  Eugene Perenti: ah, thanks
[8:15]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Sounds interesting.
[8:15]  Busy Link: it was by the simplicity of the tools we used :-)
[8:15]  StarCloud Runo: hi folks. finally figured out how to sit :(
[8:15]  angua Koenkamp: that mindmap site is very good - just made 3
[8:16]  Corwin Carillon: :)
[8:16]  Cristina Papp: hi starcloud
[8:16]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Yes, it is good, isn't it? I got an account there the other day. (The MIndmeister one, anyway)
[8:16]  StarCloud Runo: hi cristina
[8:16]  angua Koenkamp: might have to buy an account
[8:17]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: hi to all, I guess U can tell I'm a newbie!
[8:17]  Bee Kerouac: Hello Oby
[8:17]  StarCloud Runo: nice place here, corwin!
[8:17]  Cristina Papp: hi oby
[8:17]  Eugene Perenti: i might try to learn how to stage a music concert in here some day.
[8:17]  Bee Kerouac: hope you do not mind the nickname
[8:17]  Bee Kerouac: name is too long to type
[8:17]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: not at all
[8:17]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: I have a question, though I think that the answer is "No". I've now got the chat window history open as suggested. Is it possible to drag it out of the main Window, or do I just have to do what I'm doing, which is to rty to find the location where is covers the least other things.
[8:18]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: it was quite hard to think of one, but just use my real name, that's short: Jan
[8:18]  Eugene Perenti: Do you think it would be better if we all used Real Names?
[8:18]  Corwin Carillon: you can drag it around
[8:18]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: I'm happy to use mine, but I Know that some prefer not to. Besides, how do you know I'm really called Emma?
[8:18]  Bee Kerouac: my nickname here is my nickname out there...so no pb
[8:18]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: I reckon use what you're happy with.
[8:19]  Busy Link: Sp Ewing - you look like my twin sister :-)
[8:19]  Eugene Perenti: I din;t have much choice when i signed up
[8:19]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: My true name sounds like a nick and I don't mind at this point, still learning! And got the wrong body! :-)
[8:19]  Bee Kerouac: what do you mean by wrong body?
[8:19]  Eugene Perenti: we need more logs!
[8:20]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: I asked for a male rabbit!
[8:20]  Bee Kerouac: sit on the round pose balls
[8:20]  Sp Ewing: Hey!
[8:20]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: :)
[8:20]  Bee Kerouac: right click the mouse on them
[8:20]  angua Koenkamp: well i not moving till after next meeting
[8:20]  Bee Kerouac: and sit
[8:20]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: you can speak?
[8:20]  Bee Kerouac: who?
[8:20]  angua Koenkamp: takes too long to get here without getting stuck
[8:20]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: I heard a Hey!
[8:21]  Busy Link: Do you sue audio here Nick?
[8:21]  Corwin Carillon: ouch
[8:21]  Corwin Carillon: we can use skkype
[8:21]  Busy Link: I mean normal audio
[8:21]  Bee Kerouac: Ewing
[8:21]  angua Koenkamp: who is sitting in the fire?
[8:21]  Bee Kerouac: oh there you are
[8:21]  Corwin Carillon: there is no inbuilt audio
[8:21]  Corwin Carillon: or do you mean listening to things?
[8:21]  StarCloud Runo: hi there Sp Ewing
[8:21]  Bee Kerouac: you managed to get yourself seated properly
[8:22]  StarCloud Runo: welcome to my log.
[8:22]  Sp Ewing: hi. i 'm out of the hot seat now.
[8:22]  Busy Link: well I meant using the audio as Gavin does
[8:22]  Bee Kerouac: would you mind introducing yourselves by your real names?
[8:22]  Corwin Carillon: I don't have a server
[8:22]  Sp Ewing: julia
[8:22]  Bee Kerouac: and say where you are from?
[8:22]  Busy Link: ah :-)
[8:22]  Sp Ewing: SFU Vancouver
[8:22]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: Jan, from Cagliari, Sardinia
[8:22]  Cristina Papp: Cristina from Barcelona
[8:23]  Busy Link: we have been doing that Bee but we can start again :-)
[8:23]  angua Koenkamp: Corinne, Birmingham, UK
[8:23]  Corwin Carillon: Nick from Hong Kong
[8:23]  Bee Kerouac: sorry
[8:23]  StarCloud Runo: bev from south texas
[8:23]  Busy Link: Moira i n France
[8:23]  Bee Kerouac: Bee from Brazil
[8:23]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Emma from Portsmouth, UK.
[8:23]  Stephen Haigh: Stephen Thorpe from Auckland, New Zealand
[8:23]  Eugene Perenti: Andy Roberts from London, UK
[8:24]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Pretty much round the world then! Some I guess have got up early (or gone to bed late!), others are at having lunch!
[8:24]  Bee Kerouac: Ahhh...eugene is Andy...I befriended you in Flickr without knowing you were the same person
[8:24]  Corwin Carillon: yes ,,,
[8:24]  Corwin Carillon: from GMT -8 to GMT +13!
[8:24]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: it's 5 pm for me
[8:24]  Eugene Perenti: I met you once before, Bee
[8:25]  Stephen Haigh: 5am for me - early bird
[8:25]  Sp Ewing: are you all in education
[8:25]  Bee Kerouac: yes...I was changing clothes...most embarassing...lol
[8:25]  Eugene Perenti: I've finished work, and I'm going to a party in an hour or so
[8:25]  Cristina Papp: me too, its 5 pm for me
[8:25]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: non formal education for me
[8:25]  Corwin Carillon: for me 12.30am
[8:26]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Yes, I'm in Education, but I'm also thinking about online communication & facilitation for volunteers working overseas (VSO), as it's something I used to do myself.
[8:26]  StarCloud Runo: education--yes.
[8:26]  Cristina Papp: i'm in education too
[8:26]  Bee Kerouac: 13:26 here
[8:26]  StarCloud Runo: small university.
[8:26]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Sorry, by "thinking" I mean, am involved with, & it's on my mind right now, as I've got a meeting this evening.
[8:26]  Busy Link: 17.24 here and in education
[8:27]  Sp Ewing: How have you used this in Educ?
[8:27]  Eugene Perenti: I think SL is going to be best for social networking and creativity
[8:27]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: Emmadw, I work in the volunteers field too, European Voluntary Service, it's a EU program, ever heard?
[8:27]  Cristina Papp: i haven't used it yet but i want to hear from educators who have used it
[8:27]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: We haven't yet, we're just starting to think about it ... for under & post graduates. At the investigating stages.
[8:27]  Busy Link: Obyone, tell us abou it please
[8:27]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: sure.
[8:28]  angua Koenkamp: sl movement etc is quite hard compared to active world
[8:28]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: it's a European Commission
[8:28]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: program fostering
[8:28]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Jan ... I've heard of it, but only briefly. I'll make you a friend & we can continue the conversation some other time.
[8:28]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: the exchange of young
[8:28]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: volunteers
[8:28]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: among EU, and non EU too,
[8:28]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: countries
[8:28]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: and I am a Italian
[8:29]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: national trainer for it
[8:29]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: !
[8:29]  Bee Kerouac: when you say young, how young?
[8:29]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: 18-30
[8:29]  Bee Kerouac: lol
[8:29]  Busy Link: sounds interesting - and what are they volunteers for?
[8:29]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: any field really. In 2005 there where 12000 different projects
[8:30]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: and they range from environmental issues
[8:30]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: to work with children
[8:30]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: That's interesting, Jan. The VSO youth program is generally for the under 25s. (There are two youth programmes, but I think they're both under 25).
[8:30]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: to cultural ones... and so on
[8:30]  Bee Kerouac: sthg like rotary (for teens at secondary school) and friends of the world has been doing for years
[8:30]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: well..
[8:30]  angua Koenkamp: my friend tracey did teaching nin grenada and zambia
[8:30]  Corwin Carillon: folks would you like to try Skyping ?
[8:30]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: it was for up to 26 till last year
[8:30]  Cristina Papp: sure
[8:30]  Sp Ewing: yes, let's skype
[8:30]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Quite happy to listen to you doing it, but my mike is at work. And I'm not.
[8:30]  Busy Link: OK Nick
[8:30]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: skype cool for me
[8:31]  Corwin Carillon: http://tinyurl.com/2vx2fm
[8:31]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: I'm janniccu there
[8:31]  Corwin Carillon: hi nancy
[8:31]  Eugene Perenti: I'm in a public library so Silence is the rule
[8:31]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: :)
[8:31]  Choconancy Lupino: Hiya
[8:31]  Bee Kerouac: hello Nancy
[8:31]  Eugene Perenti: hello Nancy
[8:32]  Corwin Carillon: ahh sorry eugene
[8:32]  Choconancy Lupino: trying to sit. haha
[8:32]  Bee Kerouac: tere is a seat near christina
[8:33]  Busy Link: can't get ito the skype at the moment
[8:33]  Bee Kerouac: right click on the pose ball
[8:33]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: It's telling me that it's going to start a skype out call? Is that right?
[8:33]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: ops
[8:34]  Choconancy Lupino: ok, phew. Awkward of me.
[8:34]  Choconancy Lupino: is there a dial in? I'm unprepared. Can yo utell? (the time slot just opened)
[8:34]  Busy Link: working now :-)
[8:35]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: My Skype name is Emmadw & I'm logged in now, but can't use Skype out as I've not got any credit.
[8:35]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: no need for credit if it's a skype to skype
[8:35]  Sp Ewing: i'm finnigan08
[8:35]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: how many are we?
[8:35]  angua Koenkamp: u don't need skypeout
[8:36]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: too many, skype vocal conference is up to 10 people
[8:36]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Wonder why it told me that it was Skype out? I'll try again :)
[8:36]  Corwin Carillon: http://tinyurl.com/2vx2fm
[8:36]  Busy Link: no Obyone, this is a skypecast so many
[8:37]  Corwin Carillon: some people are in skype
[8:37]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: fine, but I tried to join and it says it's not possible to find it!
[8:37]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: It's still telling me that it wants me to Skype out. DOn't worry ... I'm fine in here (actually, I don't really like Skype - or audio in general, hence not being very familar with it, nor having a mike to hand!)
[8:37]  Eugene Perenti: some people are in SecondLife
[8:38]  angua Koenkamp: emma u came and went
[8:38]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: I'll try again!
[8:38]  Busy Link: we're coming back here to text :-)
[8:39]  Choconancy Lupino: I'm in lag land. I'm going to close some apps to see if I can get things to go smoother
[8:39]  Corwin Carillon: only have SL open ..
[8:39]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: I haven't got a mike, so I can't talk to you!
[8:39]  Stephen Haigh: me too - I'll need to reboot - brb
[8:39]  Corwin Carillon: better that way ... it is a resource hog :(
[8:39]  Eugene Perenti: I suppose sitting helps when there's a crowd but surely the whol epoint of a 3D world is to move about and explore
[8:40]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: LOL!
[8:40]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: I can hear fine, though.
[8:40]  Corwin Carillon: we will stick to chat here
[8:40]  Busy Link: Emma, np as we're leaving the skypecast as there were only four of us :-)
[8:40]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: OK
[8:40]  Corwin Carillon: one thing for those of you who just arrived
[8:40]  Corwin Carillon: if you'd like a bit more atmosphere
[8:40]  Bee Kerouac: very slow here lots of lag
[8:40]  Beth Kavka accepted your inventory offer.
[8:40]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: sure
[8:41]  Corwin Carillon: please take the sun to mignight .. World -> Force Sun -> midnight
[8:41]  StarCloud Runo: now, that's more like it...a real campfire!
[8:42]  Choconancy Lupino: funny!
[8:42]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: cool
[8:42]  Choconancy Lupino: The birds are still noisy. Don't they go to sleep? ;-)
[8:42]  Eugene Perenti: I just saw a shooting star!
[8:42]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: LoL
[8:42]  Corwin Carillon: hehe no
[8:42]  Busy Link: lol noisy seagulls
[8:42]  Corwin Carillon: I give them speed
[8:42]  StarCloud Runo: it's the same one hovering....somebody toss it some breadcrumbs!
[8:42]  Corwin Carillon: lol
[8:42]  Sp Ewing: how do i get marshmallows for all?
[8:43]  Eugene Perenti: ew
[8:43]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: sorry guys, my first time in SL, can some expert give a 3 minutes survival kit of information?
[8:43]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Sp = Marshmallows sound great. Do we have sticks to toast them on?
[8:43]  Busy Link: Wow, tried to extinguish the seagull and it didn't work ;-)
[8:43]  Sp Ewing: i climb well
[8:44]  angua Koenkamp: if u get stuck inside a tree try flying
[8:44]  Choconancy Lupino: I moved back to sunset so I could see my flying colleagues!
[8:44]  Corwin Carillon: onyone ... maybe we can do the survival after
[8:45]  Sp Ewing: how do i pick up the guitar
[8:45]  angua Koenkamp: is there a way back to tutorial island where westarted?
[8:45]  Corwin Carillon: so does someone have a story they are willing to share about learning online faciltiation?
[8:45]  Eugene Perenti: I tried the guitar, it doesn;t work
[8:45]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: fine, it will be some other time thanks, in half an hour I am going for a swim (a real one)
[8:45]  Choconancy Lupino: Well, you are donig it right now. Living it.
[8:45]  Corwin Carillon: angua, you can type help island in the map
[8:45]  Choconancy Lupino: Not just talking about it.
[8:45]  Eugene Perenti: I'd like to learn how to stream music in though
[8:46]  Busy Link: Yes, let's live it by learning how to play the guitar :-)
[8:46]  Eugene Perenti: Someone ot teh conference says we shoudl talk about trolls instead of arranging trips here
[8:46]  StarCloud Runo: have any of your institutions purchased land for use in coursework?
[8:47]  Cristina Papp: no, I wanted to try doing sth on my own before asking my institution
[8:47]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: StarCloud, no: But, do you know if it's possible to "rent" space at particular times for classes while we're experimenting?
[8:47]  Cristina Papp: there's the 'English Lounge'
[8:47]  Eugene Perenti: I don;t know any one with land. Corwin, could you explain how Boracay island got here perhaps?
[8:48]  StarCloud Runo: emma, no, not sure at all about pricing or education freebies, if any.
[8:48]  Cristina Papp: and 'Edunation' island also rents spsaces
[8:48]  Busy Link: The forst time I came to SL in October, I found the feature "Dance", I enjoyed that so much that Graham Stanley sent me more dance files. I danced away and had a great time and then forgot how to stop - that was a great example of online facilitating her in SL
[8:48]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Thanks, I'll investigate them.
[8:48]  Busy Link: just doing and learning
[8:48]  Bee Kerouac: I'm sorry ws booted out
[8:48]  Eugene Perenti: Hello Bee, welcome back
[8:49]  Corwin Carillon: welcome back bee
[8:49]  Corwin Carillon: so did everyone learn online facilitation by the seat of their pants?
[8:49]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: More or less, yes.
[8:49]  Bee Kerouac: yes
[8:49]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: works for me
[8:49]  Eugene Perenti: yup
[8:49]  Busy Link: Yes and did the courses aferwards to see what others were doig and how
[8:49]  angua Koenkamp: still not sure what online facilitation is
[8:50]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: good point
[8:50]  Cristina Papp: sorry! i have to go, I have a meeting! see you soon!
[8:50]  Stephen Haigh: by making mistakes! and having fun mostly, and relying on my f2f training
[8:50]  Corwin Carillon: by Christina
[8:50]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: I did attend one of the Online Facilitation Courses that uses Jilly Salmon's book & was run through the Institute of Education - but mostly it' was "suck it & see"
[8:50]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: ciao
[8:50]  StarCloud Runo: corwin, how much time did it take to create Boracay and its environment?
[8:50]  Stephen Haigh: bye christina
[8:51]  Corwin Carillon: 3 months .. a bit at a time starcloud
[8:51]  Bee Kerouac: see you
[8:51]  Corwin Carillon: have others done any other courses?
[8:51]  Eugene Perenti: I learned by arguing with people in usenet
[8:51]  Choconancy Lupino: I learned first by watching, then doing (including a good bit of failing ) then sitting back and thinking about the intersection between online and F2F fac. Then I learned a WHOLE lot more by trying to teach others. There is where I really learned how much I did not k now.
[8:51]  StarCloud Runo: wow. what are your future plans for this island?
[8:51]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: well, I'm taking a master degree on e-learning
[8:52]  Eugene Perenti: Is it true that McDonalds have bought it?
[8:52]  Eugene Perenti: cool . Is it a degree about e-learning or doing it?
[8:52]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Jan - where are you doing it? I'm guessing not Edinburgh, as they use SL, and you've said you're a newbie!
[8:53]  Sp Ewing: how do I open this cooler?
[8:53]  Corwin Carillon: we have a quite a wide range of experiences together ,.... seat of pants , usenet .... taking courses .... delivering courses !
[8:53]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: in Italy, entirely online....
[8:53]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: we've also got an MSc in e-learning, and I'd like to bring SL into it more. Or it into SL more, depending on how you look at it!
[8:53]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: it's from the University of Viterbo...
[8:53]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: and it's about learning design and course management
[8:53]  Eugene Perenti: Msc is unusual
[8:54]  Sp Ewing: it says touch to receive contents
[8:54]  angua Koenkamp: nick drank them all
[8:54]  Corwin Carillon: from all your varied experiences of online facilitation .... what have been some of the key learning points or take aways for you?
[8:54]  Busy Link: Portsmouth MSc looks interesting Emma
[8:56]  Stephen Haigh: 1 key one for me was to make sure I get the timing right for conference sessions - once I ended up telling half the group one time and the other half another - confused everyone including myself
[8:56]  Busy Link: My richest experience from any course was one person who was an excellent online facilitator - so the individual giving the course would be my answer and not necessarily the course
[8:56]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Busy - contact me later, if you want more infor (though I'll be gone shortly after this session, as I have to go out).
[8:56]  Choconancy Lupino: It's the people!!!
[8:56]  Bee Kerouac gave you ****Wine Glass Merlot.
[8:56]  Busy Link: Emma - moirahunter@gmail.com
[8:56]  Stephen Haigh: I find purpose and culture are just as important online
[8:56]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: the people involved also on the learning side!
[8:56]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Busy - yes, I fully agree. The same as an course - the teacher & the students are often what makes it. Not the subject.
[8:56]  Busy Link: although I'm not thinking of doing the course ;-)
[8:57]  Choconancy Lupino: For me there have been a couple of "waves" of learning. And they keep coming! LOL
[8:57]  Corwin Carillon: a big one for me was language ....
[8:57]  Corwin Carillon: and also perspective
[8:57]  Busy Link: it does look like a good choice for learners who ask me which courses are around
[8:57]  Corwin Carillon: being able to take different perspectives I mean
[8:58]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Steve, what do you mean by "purpose & culture as well as being online"
[8:59]  ****Wine Glass Merlot whispers: Bottoms UP!
[8:59]  Stephen Haigh: hi Emma, having a clear purpose (or objective) for what your group wants to achieve online and a culture to get there (Culture = ground rules)
[9:00]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: People, sorry to interrupt but I must go. It was quite interesting to come here as my first SL ever. I'll read you all in Scope. Can anyone copy the chat text at the end?
[9:00]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Ah, yes, that makes sense.
[9:00]  Choconancy Lupino: drink a glass of wine for me. Client just called and I have to do something for them. Like NOW! ;-) Thanks for such a lovely hosting job, Corwin/Nick!
[9:01]  Corwin Carillon: I'm logging the chat
[9:01]  Corwin Carillon: thx nancy
[9:01]  Corwin Carillon: bye
[9:01]  Obyonethehobbit Benelli: great see you all then! Ciao!
[9:01]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Yes, I have to go to ... need to make a real life curry!
[9:01]  Bee Kerouac: bye
[9:01]  Sp Ewing: thanks all
[9:01]  Busy Link: Bye Nancy
[9:01]  Eugene Perenti: It seems to be the economy which has stirred up a lot of teh interest in SL
[9:01]  Stephen Haigh: bye Emma, By Nancy
[9:01]  Busy Link: Bye Obyone
[9:01]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Thanks, it's been interesting meeting you all, and thanks for the wine glass that someone gave me. Very useful when cooking ;)
[9:02]  Emmadw Rickenbacker: Bye.
[9:02]  Busy Link: Bye Emma
[9:02]  Eugene Perenti: can anybody explain how value is created?
[9:02]  Corwin Carillon: hehe
[9:02]  Corwin Carillon: bye emma
[9:03]  Bee Kerouac: value is created by the people who come here and consume whatever there is to consume
[9:03]  Eugene Perenti: i understand some neighborhoods wil become more sought after than others
[9:03]  Eugene Perenti: well there's nothing to consume except the experience i suppose
[9:04]  Bee Kerouac: as you say
[9:04]  Eugene Perenti: neighborhood is the concept I'm grappling with
[9:05]  Eugene Perenti: can we find more like minded people in some places than others
[9:05]  Bee Kerouac: I would not like to live in the city for instance
[9:05]  Eugene Perenti: are there cities here?
[9:05]  Bee Kerouac: sure enough
[9:05]  Bee Kerouac: big urban area
[9:05]  Busy Link: there are weird places too just like in reallife
[9:05]  Eugene Perenti: I've seen lots of deserted streets
[9:05]  Bee Kerouac: full of cars
[9:06]  Eugene Perenti: what use are the cars to anybody?
[9:06]  Bee Kerouac: people just drive them
[9:06]  Bee Kerouac: stop by
[9:06]  Bee Kerouac: ask you if you want a ride
[9:06]  Stephen Haigh: good point - when we can fly!
[9:06]  Busy Link: well, I suppose you could ask the same question - what use is makeup and nice clothees here? Couldn't you?
[9:06]  Bee Kerouac: a matter of status I suppose
[9:06]  Eugene Perenti: exactly, when we have flight and teleportation, why reproduce offworld transport
[9:06]  Bee Kerouac: or just because it somehow fits the city
[9:07]  Eugene Perenti: I do !
[9:07]  Stephen Haigh: a form or way of representing ourselves
[9:07]  Eugene Perenti: "is it all about dressing up and shopping"
[9:07]  Busy Link: right Stephen - I notice that for some people here it is essential to have the right image wheras others don't pay attention to that
[9:08]  Stephen Haigh: it's nice I think to interact with an avatar - a fun change to chatting or blogging, or email
[9:08]  Corwin Carillon: folks I need to go ... 1am for me ... thanks very much for coming ... you;re all welcome to stay as long as you want
[9:08]  Bee Kerouac: see you and thanks for inviting us
[9:08]  Stephen Haigh: Thanks so much Nick
[9:08]  Corwin Carillon: look forward to your posting in the forum in SCoPE
[9:08]  Eugene Perenti: it just seems to lack imagination to me. There must be possibilities to create and do stuff that is not bound up with simulation of what we already know
[9:08]  Busy Link: Well, me too, I have to go. Thank you very much Nick :-)
[9:09]  Stephen Haigh: and for your leadership on SCoPE
[9:09]  Bee Kerouac: the normal cycle is reproducing first what you know
[9:09]  Eugene Perenti: But that will take time I suppose
[9:09]  Corwin Carillon: thx folks g'nite
[9:09]  Bee Kerouac: and then you move into experimenting I suppose
In reply to Nick Noakes

Field trip 2 - Chat log

by Nick Noakes -
[17:52]  Corwin Carillon: hiya hondo
[17:52]  Carolyn Carillon: hi corwin
[17:52]  hondomac Dalgleish: Hi Corwin
[17:52]  Qadmon Celt: hello there
[17:52]  Carolyn Carillon: hi qadmon
[17:52]  Corwin Carillon: hi
[17:52]  Qadmon Celt: Hi Carolyn
[17:52]  hondomac Dalgleish: waiting for things to rez
[17:52]  Corwin Carillon: :)
[17:52]  Qadmon Celt: Hi hondo
[17:52]  Carolyn Carillon: where are we corwin?
[17:53]  Corwin Carillon: boracay
[17:53]  Corwin Carillon: my sim
[17:53]  Carolyn Carillon: your private sim?
[17:53]  hondomac Dalgleish: Hi Qadman
[17:53]  Corwin Carillon: yes
[17:53]  Carolyn Carillon: or is this an institution?
[17:53]  hondomac Dalgleish: very nice
[17:53]  Corwin Carillon: well it's open
[17:53]  Carolyn Carillon: good lord, corwin
[17:53]  Carolyn Carillon: this is amazing
[17:53]  Carolyn Carillon: lucky devil
[17:53]  Corwin Carillon: no, my institution is scared of SL ..
[17:53]  hondomac Dalgleish: really nice
[17:53]  Qadmon Celt: it's a very nice place!
[17:53]  Carolyn Carillon: ha!
[17:53]  Carolyn Carillon: ours is coming around
[17:53]  Corwin Carillon: at least my immediate boss whose an AVP
[17:54]  Carolyn Carillon: oh no
[17:54]  Carolyn Carillon: my sympathies
[17:54]  Qadmon Celt: AVP?
[17:54]  hondomac Dalgleish: lots of that going around Corwin
[17:54]  Corwin Carillon: lol
[17:54]  Corwin Carillon: no worries
[17:54]  Carolyn Carillon: very frustrating, isn't it
[17:54]  hondomac Dalgleish: slowly but surely
[17:54]  Corwin Carillon: yes
[17:54]  Corwin Carillon: but then SL is very bleeding and buggy right now
[17:54]  Corwin Carillon: so am happy to wait till things are more stable before I show it
[17:54]  hondomac Dalgleish: we have had a lot of issues in here lkast couple of weeks
[17:55]  hondomac Dalgleish: lots of crashes etc.
[17:55]  Corwin Carillon: I think there should be 5-6 people coming
[17:55]  Corwin Carillon: yes
[17:55]  Carolyn Carillon: great
[17:55]  Carolyn Carillon: that's a good size
[17:55]  Corwin Carillon: we had about 8-9 earlier
[17:55]  Carolyn Carillon: wonderful
[17:55]  Corwin Carillon: I have posted the chat
[17:55]  Carolyn Carillon: what was the reaction?
[17:55]  Carolyn Carillon: ah great
[17:55]  Corwin Carillon: I think they quite enjoyed it ..
[17:55]  hondomac Dalgleish: good
[17:55]  Qadmon Celt: where did you post the chat?
[17:56]  Corwin Carillon: we tried skype too but most couldn't manage both so we dropped it fast
[17:56]  hondomac Dalgleish: I'm sitting here listening to a snow storm outside. Mucch nicer in here
[17:56]  Carolyn Carillon: makes you wonder about how voice will work in here
[17:56]  Qadmon Celt: I wonder that too..
[17:57]  Corwin Carillon: one prob with the voice
[17:57]  Corwin Carillon: it is a commercial company
[17:57]  hondomac Dalgleish: we've had 4 on at atime with Skype. Will be investigating Skypecasting soon
[17:57]  Corwin Carillon: vivox
[17:57]  Carolyn Carillon: corwin, mind if i take some pictures?
[17:57]  Corwin Carillon: pls do
[17:57]  Carolyn Carillon: thanks
[17:57]  hondomac Dalgleish: they're going with vivox?
[17:57]  hondomac Dalgleish: Hmmm...
[17:57]  Corwin Carillon: yes :(
[17:57]  Carolyn Carillon: i'm not familiar
[17:57]  Corwin Carillon: so I don't know how that will work out with going OSS
[17:58]  Corwin Carillon: i have vivox here
[17:58]  Qadmon Celt: skypecasts work very well..
[17:58]  hondomac Dalgleish: so much for Open Source. Several people have had luck with Ventrilo
[17:58]  Qadmon Celt: I haven't used vivox..
[17:58]  hondomac Dalgleish: what's the largets skypecast you have been in Qadman?
[17:59]  Corwin Carillon: yes both ventrilo and teamspeak work if you have a server
[17:59]  Corwin Carillon: I think NMC uses teamspeak coz it has both win and mac
[17:59]  Qadmon Celt: um, not that big... like 20 people...
[17:59]  Carolyn Carillon: makes sense
[17:59]  hondomac Dalgleish: but the setup is quite simple
[17:59]  Corwin Carillon: for me about 40
[17:59]  Corwin Carillon: usually via worldbridges
[18:00]  hondomac Dalgleish: that's good - I have classes around that size was thinking of exploring the use of skypecasting there
[18:00]  Carolyn Carillon: one moment
[18:00]  Carolyn Carillon: brb
[18:00]  Qadmon Celt: and you couls use festoon if you have video...
[18:00]  hondomac Dalgleish: Everyone I have talked to seems to like Skypecasting
[18:01]  Qadmon Celt: But you would need a lot of bandwidth..
[18:01]  hondomac Dalgleish: not familiar wit Festoon
[18:01]  Carolyn Carillon: back
[18:01]  hondomac Dalgleish: /ao on
[18:01]  Corwin Carillon: but skype has video now.. why use festoon qadmon
[18:01]  Qadmon Celt: skypecasting works very well, really...
[18:01]  Corwin Carillon: hi Sylvia
[18:01]  Qadmon Celt: skype video works only on 1 to 1 conversations...
[18:02]  Qadmon Celt: If you wanna have video conference with more people, you'll need something like festoon..
[18:02]  Carolyn Carillon: hi sylvia??
[18:02]  Corwin Carillon: ok, can i ask you folks a question
[18:02]  Carolyn Carillon: sure thing
[18:02]  hondomac Dalgleish: Hi WebbedFeat
[18:02]  hondomac Dalgleish: sure
[18:02]  Qadmon Celt: Hi there!
[18:02]  Corwin Carillon: how familiar are you all with SL?
[18:02]  WebbedFeat Fapp: Hi everyone! WebbedFeat (Sylvia) here
[18:03]  Carolyn Carillon: i've been in for about 9 months
[18:03]  Carolyn Carillon: :-)
[18:03]  Qadmon Celt: Not much... I've been around a couple of times..
[18:03]  hondomac Dalgleish: very - been active in here since last June
[18:03]  WebbedFeat Fapp: Barely familiar. I've been in a few time, but haven't accomplished much!
[18:03]  Qadmon Celt: hi there, sunshine!
[18:03]  Carolyn Carillon: hi sunshine
[18:03]  Corwin Carillon: ok .. hondo, carolyn, hope you get people out with me :)
[18:03]  Corwin Carillon: hi sunshine
[18:03]  hondomac Dalgleish: Hi sunshine
[18:04]  Carolyn Carillon: sure :-)
[18:04]  Qadmon Celt: we're gonna need a lot of help.... LOL
[18:04]  Sunshine Hapmouche: Hi everyone
[18:04]  Corwin Carillon: ok, would you like to see some of the magic of SL>
[18:04]  hondomac Dalgleish: sure np
[18:04]  Carolyn Carillon: yes!
[18:04]  WebbedFeat Fapp: yes!
[18:04]  Corwin Carillon: follow me up the hill
[18:05]  Carolyn Carillon: sorry sunshine
[18:05]  Corwin Carillon: ok one thing I like about SL
[18:05]  Carolyn Carillon: i keep getting in your way
[18:05]  Corwin Carillon: flexible space
[18:05]  Corwin Carillon: that I can put under students control
[18:05]  Corwin Carillon: so students can create a setting mood
[18:05]  Corwin Carillon: and the tools they want
[18:06]  Corwin Carillon: the boards here have tools and seating arrangement
[18:06]  Corwin Carillon: that we can have at the click of a button
[18:06]  Corwin Carillon: so turn around and watch the open area of grass
[18:06]  hondomac Dalgleish: great way to organize them
[18:06]  Carolyn Carillon: corwin i really like this because you can make these tools available to anyone who wants to work with groups in here
[18:06]  Corwin Carillon: where I'm facing
[18:06]  Carolyn Carillon: instructors don't have to reinvent the wheel
[18:06]  Corwin Carillon: yes
[18:07]  Corwin Carillon: ok
[18:07]  Qadmon Celt: nice!
[18:07]  Corwin Carillon: now one more thing
[18:07]  Sunshine Hapmouche: wow!
[18:07]  Corwin Carillon: World -> Force Sun -> midnight
[18:08]  Corwin Carillon: have you changed the sun?
[18:08]  Qadmon Celt: yes
[18:08]  Carolyn Carillon: yes
[18:08]  hondomac Dalgleish: yes
[18:08]  Corwin Carillon: sunshine? webbedfeat?
[18:08]  WebbedFeat Fapp: Looking for the sun! :-)
[18:08]  Corwin Carillon: at the top menu
[18:08]  Qadmon Celt: It's up in the sky..
[18:08]  Corwin Carillon: World
[18:08]  Sunshine Hapmouche: not yet is there a way to see more lines inthe chat?
[18:09]  Corwin Carillon: Force Sun is at the bottom of the World menu
[18:09]  Corwin Carillon: ok everyone?
[18:09]  WebbedFeat Fapp: Ahhhh, got it
[18:09]  Sunshine Hapmouche: now it's dark
[18:09]  Corwin Carillon: lets walk over to the campfire
[18:09]  Corwin Carillon: cool!
[18:10]  Carolyn Carillon: /ao off
[18:10]  Corwin Carillon: to sit
[18:10]  Corwin Carillon: right click on a ball with sit above it
[18:10]  Corwin Carillon: and choose sit
[18:10]  Qadmon Celt: this is very nice!
[18:10]  Carolyn Carillon: fantastic
[18:10]  hondomac Dalgleish: /ao off
[18:10]  Qadmon Celt: the sound of the sea, the fire...
[18:10]  hondomac Dalgleish: nice
[18:11]  Qadmon Celt: what's /ao off?
[18:11]  Carolyn Carillon: it's an animation override
[18:11]  Corwin Carillon: ok for qadmon, sunshine and webbedfeat
[18:11]  Corwin Carillon: one more thing
[18:11]  Carolyn Carillon: it changes the way you walk or sit
[18:11]  WebbedFeat Fapp: hmmm, can't sit down
[18:11]  hondomac Dalgleish: I have an animationoverride that allows me to use other animations
[18:11]  Carolyn Carillon: i turn mine off when i sit
[18:11]  Corwin Carillon: click on a ball
[18:11]  Carolyn Carillon: otherwise i look a little funny
[18:11]  Corwin Carillon: right click or command click
[18:11]  Corwin Carillon: you will get a pie menu
[18:11]  Qadmon Celt: I see..
[18:11]  Corwin Carillon: choose sit
[18:12]  Corwin Carillon: can you see the balls with sit in green above them?
[18:12]  Corwin Carillon: the other thing that is useful
[18:12]  Corwin Carillon: View -> Camera controls
[18:13]  Qadmon Celt: yup, very usefu..
[18:13]  Corwin Carillon: ok, maybe we could introduce ourselves first
[18:13]  IM: WebbedFeat Fapp: thanks for helping the dork who is still standing! :-)
[18:14]  IM: WebbedFeat Fapp: command click gets me a profile page
[18:14]  Carolyn Carillon: i'm carolyn (campbell in real life)
[18:14]  Carolyn Carillon: i'm an instructional designer at the nova scotia community college
[18:14]  Carolyn Carillon: i've been lurking in the SCoPE sessions for about a year & really enjoying the discussions
[18:14]  Corwin Carillon: I'm Nick Noakes in Hong Kong ... where i run a faculty development unit
[18:14]  Carolyn Carillon: learning lots
[18:15]  IM: WebbedFeat Fapp: :-)
[18:15]  Corwin Carillon: if you'd like to take a photo...
[18:15]  Corwin Carillon: use the camera controls to frame the shot
[18:15]  Qadmon Celt: How do I take a picture?
[18:15]  Corwin Carillon: then go to File -> take snapshot
[18:15]  hondomac Dalgleish: Ian Macleod in RL - IT Faculty at the NSCC in Halifax - I work with Carolyn
[18:16]  Corwin Carillon: or click the blue snapshot button at the bottom
[18:16]  Qadmon Celt: got it
[18:16]  Corwin Carillon: if you want to look back at the conversation ... hit the history button next to the typing in chat window
[18:17]  Sunshine Hapmouche: I'm Carol Isakson I work at a large high school in Michigan where I do web support and various workshops for staff. I've been lurking for quite a while - what a wonderful group this is!!
[18:17]  Qadmon Celt: I'm Diego Leal, from Colombia. I'm in charge of the national ICT use project on Higher Education..
[18:18]  Corwin Carillon: all thx to sylvia :)
[18:18]  Qadmon Celt: And I'm a researcher on eLearning..
[18:18]  WebbedFeat Fapp: This is so neat. The first time I've done something other than fly around and buy clothes in SL!
[18:18]  Carolyn Carillon: :-)
[18:19]  Corwin Carillon: ok, I'm going to give you a photo of us
[18:19]  Corwin Carillon: to remember this by
[18:19]  Carolyn Carillon: thanks corwin :-)
[18:19]  hondomac Dalgleish: Thanks for the snapshot
[18:19]  Qadmon Celt: thanks!
[18:19]  WebbedFeat Fapp: Thanks Corwin!
[18:20]  Sunshine Hapmouche: I'll put in my scrapbook
[18:20]  Corwin Carillon: there is a photo board near where you arrived and you can also add photos there
[18:20]  Corwin Carillon: great for building community :)
[18:20]  Qadmon Celt: so, who's gonna play the guitar?
[18:21]  Corwin Carillon: hehe it won't
[18:21]  Corwin Carillon: there is one that will in the gallery cafe though
[18:21]  Qadmon Celt: LOL, ok
[18:22]  Corwin Carillon: so maybe we could chat a bit together about our online facilitation background
[18:22]  Qadmon Celt: ok
[18:22]  Corwin Carillon: out stories ... as this is a campfire :)
[18:22]  Qadmon Celt: horror stories are accepted...
[18:22]  Corwin Carillon: definitely!
[18:22]  Corwin Carillon: :)
[18:23]  WebbedFeat Fapp: Ha ha! Well I completely admire facilitators who are able to do such a bang up job in a sync environment. So much multitasking!
[18:23]  Corwin Carillon: me too .. Nancy White is a star at that!
[18:23]  WebbedFeat Fapp: Does it take a certain disposition to be able to do that?
[18:24]  WebbedFeat Fapp: Yes! nancy in any venue. Much to admire there!
[18:24]  Corwin Carillon: Qadmon .. you had a horror story for us?
[18:25]  Qadmon Celt: haha, not really...
[18:25]  Corwin Carillon: lol
[18:25]  Qadmon Celt: I started moderating on 2000...
[18:25]  hondomac Dalgleish: my online experience started as a learner - did my MEd online in 1999 and 2000
[18:25]  Qadmon Celt: I toom Moving Out Ot the Middle at Concord, with Sarah Haavind..
[18:25]  WebbedFeat Fapp: Another MooMer!
[18:25]  hondomac Dalgleish: mostly profs "cramming" classroom matyerials into WebCT - not a lot of purpose built materilas
[18:26]  Corwin Carillon: doesn't sound good Hondo
[18:26]  hondomac Dalgleish: I've since delivered on line course using variuos tools
[18:26]  Qadmon Celt: Yep... Then I strated to design online courses in spanish, on moderation and course design..
[18:26]  Corwin Carillon: oops we've lost Carolyn
[18:26]  hondomac Dalgleish: It was a good learning experience - a good programme and it showed me what not to do
[18:27]  hondomac Dalgleish: the saving grace were teh chats and relationships developed with my fellow cohort mates
[18:27]  Qadmon Celt: I facilitated a lot of them, and then I started to work in blended learning... So I have been on this for 7 years now..
[18:27]  Corwin Carillon: wow !
[18:28]  Corwin Carillon: sounds like both of you have quite a lot of experience
[18:28]  Qadmon Celt: I used IRC since '94, though..
[18:28]  hondomac Dalgleish: it seems to me that blended learning is the future - providing multiple delivery models to learners
[18:29]  Qadmon Celt: I agree with that... And right now I'm leading the design of courses on ICT use on education and developing virtual communities..
[18:29]  WebbedFeat Fapp: Intereresting comment about blended learning being the future.
[18:29]  Qadmon Celt: That's a little of my background..
[18:29]  Corwin Carillon: And sunshine?
[18:29]  hondomac Dalgleish: it's one of the reasons why I see soem great educational opportunities for SL
[18:30]  Qadmon Celt: convergence, as Henry Jenkins would put it..
[18:30]  Corwin Carillon: yes!
[18:30]  WebbedFeat Fapp: I see more potential every time I come here. I have to admit...at first I didn't see any!
[18:31]  hondomac Dalgleish: well our college just went through a round of strategic planning and one of the drivers is "Education Without Boundaries". That will take blended learning approaches among others
[18:31]  Qadmon Celt: It was the same for me, Webbed... I didn't get it the first time..
[18:31]  Sunshine Hapmouche: Compared to you folks I'm a beginner. My state is requiring online learing as part of the graduation requirements for class of 2011. I want to know more about helping teachers learn how to facilitate their students - we use Moodle
[18:31]  hondomac Dalgleish: one of the big advantages of SL is presence
[18:32]  WebbedFeat Fapp: SL is such a HUGE leap from what I deal with working with instructors and students in a small college
[18:32]  Corwin Carillon: for me too
[18:32]  hondomac Dalgleish: likewise
[18:32]  Corwin Carillon: they are only have a partial handle of learning management systems ...
[18:32]  Corwin Carillon: still very chalk and talk .. transmission approach
[18:33]  Corwin Carillon: but then some are great!
[18:33]  hondomac Dalgleish: one of the hardest selling points is trying to convince colleaugues that this pace is more than a diversion or game
[18:33]  WebbedFeat Fapp: Yes! Very hand in your assignment types in our online courses
[18:34]  Corwin Carillon: yep
[18:34]  Sunshine Hapmouche: there is quite a learning curve here - that must put off a number of people
[18:34]  Corwin Carillon: in SL you mean sunshine?
[18:34]  Sunshine Hapmouche: yes
[18:34]  WebbedFeat Fapp: It is! Just sitting down was a struggle :-)
[18:35]  Qadmon Celt: Hahaha!
[18:35]  Corwin Carillon: lol
[18:35]  hondomac Dalgleish: we have the same issues with our online courses
[18:35]  Qadmon Celt: The hard thing for me was getting engaged in doing something...
[18:35]  Qadmon Celt: The first time I came here I was ata the lobby, and it wasn't that fun..
[18:35]  Corwin Carillon: where they are coming from is often conceptually very far away
[18:35]  hondomac Dalgleish: how are you getting past thh technical issues with SL?
[18:35]  WebbedFeat Fapp: Campfire friends, I have to leave a little early. Some neighbours coming for dinner. Glad I don't have to cook in SL!
[18:36]  Qadmon Celt: A couple of weeks ago I got in again, this time in a tour with some people from a Connectivism Seminar..
[18:36]  Corwin Carillon: hehe :) thx for coming sylvia
[18:36]  WebbedFeat Fapp: See you back in the SCoPE semianr!
[18:36]  Qadmon Celt: Have a good time, Sylvia!
[18:36]  Sunshine Hapmouche: nice to "seee" you Sylvia
[18:36]  hondomac Dalgleish: we have a weekly get together Thursdays ate 8PM GMT-4 - some great discussions
[18:36]  Corwin Carillon: have a great dinner!
[18:37]  hondomac Dalgleish: enjoy!
[18:37]  WebbedFeat Fapp: ciao for now
[18:37]  Qadmon Celt: Where do you met, hondo?
[18:37]  Qadmon Celt: bye bye, sylvia!
[18:37]  Sunshine Hapmouche: what is a tour like here? I imagine more controlled?
[18:37]  Corwin Carillon: chaotic
[18:37]  hondomac Dalgleish: at our land in Bamlet me give you the LM
[18:37]  Corwin Carillon: usually
[18:37]  Qadmon Celt: that one was very good...
[18:38]  hondomac Dalgleish gave you Birch Hollow, Bam (136, 31, 66).
[18:38]  Qadmon Celt: The "teacher" gave us a gift box, with a lot of things inside...
[18:38]  Corwin Carillon: who ran it qadmon?
[18:38]  Qadmon Celt: We did a few things, and then we went to Berkman...
[18:38]  Corwin Carillon: thx hondo
[18:39]  hondomac Dalgleish: Bam is the sim - we've grouped some land - hence Birch Hollow
[18:39]  Qadmon Celt: Thanks, hondo! How do I save that landmark?
[18:39]  Corwin Carillon: it is in you inventory
[18:39]  hondomac Dalgleish: It should be in your inventory now
[18:39]  Corwin Carillon: welcome back carolyn
[18:39]  hondomac Dalgleish: ther she is - thought you might have lost power
[18:39]  Qadmon Celt: Yes, it is..
[18:39]  Carolyn Carillon: sorry about that
[18:39]  Carolyn Carillon: we're in the middle of a big storm here
[18:40]  Corwin Carillon: hope everything is ok
[18:40]  hondomac Dalgleish: power go out?
[18:40]  Carolyn Carillon: not sure
[18:40]  Carolyn Carillon: if i disappear again, you'll know why :-)
[18:40]  Carolyn Carillon: the router went out
[18:40]  hondomac Dalgleish: ahhh... a bump
[18:41]  hondomac Dalgleish: I've put all of my systems on UPSs because of that
[18:41]  Sunshine Hapmouche: does it ever storm in SL?
[18:41]  Qadmon Celt: Our guide was Beth Ritter..
[18:41]  hondomac Dalgleish: only if you want it to :-)
[18:41]  Corwin Carillon: would you like to see?
[18:41]  Carolyn Carillon: has sylvia left?
[18:41]  Corwin Carillon: beth is good at tours
[18:41]  Corwin Carillon: would you like to have some snow?
[18:42]  Qadmon Celt: it was very interesting.. SO when I saw there would be a SCoPE tour, I checked in quickly! LOL
[18:42]  Sunshine Hapmouche: Sylvia had people over for dinner
[18:42]  hondomac Dalgleish: There is a very good self-run tour called the Teleportation Trail and you get to add all sorts of thgings to your inventory
[18:42]  Qadmon Celt: snow sounds good...
[18:42]  Sunshine Hapmouche: do yu have warm snow?
[18:42]  Qadmon Celt: How do you get rain? Rain dancing? ;-D
[18:42]  Corwin Carillon: lol
[18:43]  Corwin Carillon: no but skiing
[18:43]  Qadmon Celt: Where's that Teleportation TRail?
[18:43]  Corwin Carillon: darkwood
[18:44]  hondomac Dalgleish: Starts in Darkwood
[18:44]  hondomac Dalgleish: ypu can Search for it
[18:44]  Corwin Carillon: Ive given you the LM and Sunshine
[18:44]  Qadmon Celt: Thank you, Corwin!
[18:44]  Sunshine Hapmouche: thank you!
[18:45]  hondomac Dalgleish: I have two landmarks for it but not sure which one is the start and which is the finish
[18:45]  Corwin Carillon: same spot
[18:45]  Corwin Carillon: :)
[18:45]  Corwin Carillon: oretty much
[18:45]  Corwin Carillon: pretty much
[18:45]  Sunshine Hapmouche: great - can't get lost
[18:45]  hondomac Dalgleish: It's like a scavenger hunt base d around the major activities of SL - flying, building, etc.
[18:46]  Corwin Carillon: it is quite long though
[18:46]  Qadmon Celt: One thing that bothers me in SL is the money... I'd rather have no money inside SL..
[18:46]  Corwin Carillon: 16 stages
[18:46]  Corwin Carillon: so you don't have to do it all at once
[18:46]  hondomac Dalgleish: I did it over four or five days
[18:46]  Corwin Carillon: me too
[18:46]  hondomac Dalgleish: just landmark as you go
[18:47]  Corwin Carillon: it gives you and LM for the next station each time
[18:47]  Corwin Carillon: to come back to online facilitation a bit ...
[18:47]  hondomac Dalgleish: another good way to see a lot of SL is to ride the SLRR (SL Rail Road)
[18:48]  Corwin Carillon: what have been your key lessons learned from your experiences so far?
[18:48]  Sunshine Hapmouche: where is that? and is it free?
[18:49]  hondomac Dalgleish: it is and you can search for it - runs across multiple sims
[18:49]  Carolyn Carillon: it's strange because i think our learners are still trying to get used to the idea of discussion boards, etc.
[18:49]  Carolyn Carillon: makes a facilitator's job tough
[18:49]  Corwin Carillon: get used in what sense carolyn?
[18:50]  hondomac Dalgleish: key issue for me is that effective on-line courses need to be developed as such, not simply taken from a Brick classroom and crammed online
[18:50]  Carolyn Carillon: 'where do i click??' syndrome
[18:50]  Carolyn Carillon: one of the main issues is to overcome that distance
[18:50]  Carolyn Carillon: the technology mostly
[18:50]  Sunshine Hapmouche: (thanks hondo)
[18:50]  Carolyn Carillon: to feel connected to the people that you're learning with
[18:50]  Carolyn Carillon: i see that as a key role for facilitators
[18:50]  Sunshine Hapmouche: and so many things to look at at once
[18:50]  Carolyn Carillon: so true!
[18:51]  Qadmon Celt: I think that's an issue in most of the existing LMS... They have a poor design..
[18:51]  Carolyn Carillon: i agree with you, qadmon
[18:51]  IM: hondomac Dalgleish: If I can find it :-)
[18:51]  Carolyn Carillon: very true
[18:51]  Carolyn Carillon: makes learning harder, not easier
[18:51]  Sunshine Hapmouche: what would the ideal LMS be like?
[18:51]  Qadmon Celt: I agree with you on the need to have a better communication with our students...
[18:52]  Corwin Carillon: i'd rather not have one!
[18:52]  Carolyn Carillon: me too!
[18:52]  Qadmon Celt: It surprises me how difficult is the language we ues to communicate with them..
[18:52]  Carolyn Carillon: maybe that's why i like SL as a learning environment
[18:52]  hondomac Dalgleish gave you Washburne Station, Burnet (190, 178, 86).
[18:52]  Carolyn Carillon: it feels more natural ... ???
[18:52]  Carolyn Carillon: does that make sense?
[18:52]  Sunshine Hapmouche: when you are underwater or walking into walls?
[18:53]  Carolyn Carillon: how do we overcome it qadmon?
[18:53]  hondomac Dalgleish: I think (and hope) that LMSs are a dieing technology
[18:53]  Qadmon Celt: I think so... Even if this is a simulation, we ARE hearing the sea, the birds, and we will remember that we WERE talking besides a fire...
[18:53]  hondomac Dalgleish: Web 2.0 will blow LMSs away
[18:53]  Carolyn Carillon: it feels more real doesn't it
[18:54]  Corwin Carillon: the SL interface and moving and navigating around SL is a TIME investment ..
[18:54]  Qadmon Celt: I think the power of SL has to do with the kind of memories that can create...
[18:54]  Corwin Carillon: too much for many
[18:54]  Qadmon Celt: It's not the same as navigating on a WebCT course...
[18:54]  Sunshine Hapmouche: it does, I would be nice if it felt more natural - that may come with time though
[18:54]  Qadmon Celt: Here, spaces ARE real, not an abstract concept...
[18:54]  Carolyn Carillon: harder? easier? what do you think?
[18:54]  Corwin Carillon: no ... agree about the power of the memories
[18:55]  Carolyn Carillon: what is it about SL that gives us that ability?
[18:55]  hondomac Dalgleish: it comes back to presence
[18:55]  Corwin Carillon: maybe that's partly because identity gets tied in more ... more emotion in that way
[18:55]  Carolyn Carillon: i really like the idea of memories
[18:55]  hondomac Dalgleish: you can take pictures in here for example - a great way to document your experiences
[18:56]  Corwin Carillon: but it does hit episodic memory in a way that voip synch and asynch chat doesn't
[18:56]  Qadmon Celt: Think abour an online course...
[18:56]  Carolyn Carillon: episodic?
[18:56]  hondomac Dalgleish: we are a portfolio college and in here - being in SL - becomes your portfolio
[18:56]  Corwin Carillon: episodes ... story memory
[18:56]  Carolyn Carillon: ahhh
[18:56]  Qadmon Celt: You log in the system, click around, read what people write and write some stuff of your own. And that's the whole experience.
[18:56]  Carolyn Carillon: thanks ... i'm learning lots
[18:57]  Corwin Carillon: semantic (associative) memory and episodic (story) memory
[18:57]  Carolyn Carillon: wonderful
[18:57]  Sunshine Hapmouche: do portfolio pieces include chats, pictures and orhter artifacts?
[18:57]  Qadmon Celt: Here, I remember that the girl with the brown hair and the high heels likes the idea of memories...
[18:57]  Qadmon Celt: It's very different..
[18:57]  Carolyn Carillon: ha!
[18:57]  Corwin Carillon: yes and video sunshine
[18:57]  Corwin Carillon: you can take videos here too
[18:57]  Carolyn Carillon: different thank just reading text & maybe looking at a photo
[18:57]  Carolyn Carillon: than
[18:58]  Qadmon Celt: How do I take videos?
[18:58]  Corwin Carillon: file
[18:58]  Corwin Carillon: start/stop movie to disk
[18:58]  Qadmon Celt: got it. Must check the menus carefully..
[18:58]  Corwin Carillon: you then need a program like Frapps to compress it afterwards
[18:59]  Corwin Carillon: but the portfolio idea might work very well in here
[18:59]  Qadmon Celt: thanks!
[18:59]  Corwin Carillon: they could produce the portfolio in 3D
[18:59]  hondomac Dalgleish: seems a natural to me
[18:59]  Corwin Carillon: build a metaphor of it
[18:59]  Carolyn Carillon: and YOU are your portfolio in here
[18:59]  hondomac Dalgleish: natural fit
[18:59]  Carolyn Carillon: your learning is on display
[18:59]  Qadmon Celt: It's not just the portfolio. You could have a house where you keep your online life!
[18:59]  Carolyn Carillon: even in your avie
[18:59]  Corwin Carillon: \have people walk through it
[18:59]  Carolyn Carillon: you could ... very true
[18:59]  Carolyn Carillon: absolutely
[19:00]  Corwin Carillon: or anyting qadmon
[19:00]  Sunshine Hapmouche: a personal museum
[19:00]  Corwin Carillon: doesn't have to be RL representation :)
[19:00]  Carolyn Carillon: you can be very creative here
[19:00]  Qadmon Celt: The things you learn, the people you meet, the thoughts you create..
[19:00]  Carolyn Carillon: i wonder what that would look like
[19:00]  Corwin Carillon: have any of you every seen the Skydancers in SL?
[19:00]  Carolyn Carillon: could be very interesting for some of our learners
[19:00]  Carolyn Carillon: when you think of the mix of programs, etc
[19:00]  Qadmon Celt: That's true, Corwin. It can be very different from RL..
[19:00]  Carolyn Carillon: i've seen videos
[19:00]  Carolyn Carillon: & they're amazing
[19:00]  Sunshine Hapmouche: is it open ot all or can it be password protected?
[19:00]  hondomac Dalgleish: we had a great debate the other night - "Why do the buildings in SL have roofs?"
[19:01]  Corwin Carillon: you can make something only available to a group Sunshine
[19:01]  hondomac Dalgleish: they are amazing Corwin and all I have see is machinima of them
[19:01]  Qadmon Celt: machinima?
[19:01]  hondomac Dalgleish: sorry - videos produced in here
[19:01]  Corwin Carillon: hehe my buildings have glass rooves you can fly through
[19:02]  Qadmon Celt: thnx
[19:02]  Carolyn Carillon: :-)
[19:02]  hondomac Dalgleish: perfect
[19:02]  Corwin Carillon: flyer friendly
[19:02]  Carolyn Carillon: i kinda like the campfire
[19:02]  Corwin Carillon: me too
[19:02]  Carolyn Carillon: great 'classroom'
[19:02]  Corwin Carillon: I like being outdoors heer
[19:02]  Corwin Carillon: here
[19:02]  Carolyn Carillon: that's interesting ....
[19:02]  Corwin Carillon: that's why I have the tools rez here
[19:02]  Carolyn Carillon: we asked a student if he would like to learn in SL ...
[19:02]  Carolyn Carillon: he said YES ...
[19:02]  Corwin Carillon: why?
[19:02]  Carolyn Carillon: becaues he could learn outside
[19:02]  Carolyn Carillon: interesting, eh?
[19:02]  Qadmon Celt: LOL
[19:02]  Corwin Carillon: yes
[19:03]  Sunshine Hapmouche: I'll have fond memoriesof my first campfire
[19:03]  Carolyn Carillon: :-)
[19:03]  Corwin Carillon: but for me the big pull to SL is the people
[19:03]  Qadmon Celt: I was thinking about that... It's an interesting cognitive effect, to have distorted memories about your current location...
[19:03]  Corwin Carillon: I've met some fantastic people here ... :)
[19:03]  Carolyn Carillon: & learning is so much about the people
[19:03]  Corwin Carillon: like us!
[19:03]  Carolyn Carillon: :-)
[19:03]  hondomac Dalgleish: ao true
[19:03]  Corwin Carillon: I've had people tell me they have dreamt about SL
[19:03]  Carolyn Carillon: i have
[19:04]  Corwin Carillon: it happened to me early on but then went ..
[19:04]  hondomac Dalgleish: How do we use SL to replace/augment current online facilitations environments?
[19:04]  Qadmon Celt: I agree with that... Only when I could talk to others in the tour, this started to make sense..
[19:04]  Carolyn Carillon: powerful, eh?
[19:04]  Corwin Carillon: but maybe an indication of the emotion/power of the experiences
[19:04]  hondomac Dalgleish: very powerful
[19:04]  Corwin Carillon: good Q hondo
[19:05]  Corwin Carillon: sorry reading back ...
[19:05]  hondomac Dalgleish: part of what I like about SL is presence - you are "immersed" in the environment
[19:05]  Corwin Carillon: sunshine you mentioned about campfire strong memories ... so does this resonate with that RL memory?
[19:05]  Qadmon Celt: I would like to have audioconference more integrates in SL.. I don't know how easily that works...
[19:05]  Corwin Carillon: yes ... presence
[19:05]  Corwin Carillon: but I think the story memory part Qandom mentions is key too
[19:06]  hondomac Dalgleish: it lends itself better to different learning styles (although primarily visual, all other style s can be acomodated here)
[19:06]  Qadmon Celt: But writing is not that easy (not to mention that the chat is awfully limited)
[19:06]  hondomac Dalgleish: it is
[19:06]  Corwin Carillon: should be here in June Qandom
[19:06]  Sunshine Hapmouche: I think so - advantage here is that I can look back at the log to sharpen those memories later
[19:07]  Corwin Carillon: we tried skype with the earlier group btw
[19:07]  Corwin Carillon: but only some of us could get in ...
[19:07]  hondomac Dalgleish: How did it go?
[19:07]  Corwin Carillon: SL uses up so much power
[19:07]  Corwin Carillon: I like it ...
[19:07]  Corwin Carillon: we use a phone bridge
[19:07]  Carolyn Carillon: it's hard when some talk & others type
[19:07]  Corwin Carillon: and some call via phone and others like me skype in
[19:07]  Corwin Carillon: yes carolyn
[19:08]  hondomac Dalgleish: and right now it's that "bleeding edge" and teh associated technology issues that will detract from sL for now
[19:08]  Carolyn Carillon: the person without is left out
[19:08]  Corwin Carillon: for the other SCoPE session
[19:08]  Corwin Carillon: I couldn't manage it when trying to facilitte and deal with everyone's learning curves with SL
[19:08]  Qadmon Celt: In our country, the bandwidth limitations are a real issue... It would be very difficult to have things like SL n your average school..
[19:08]  Carolyn Carillon: :-)
[19:08]  Corwin Carillon: yes Qandom
[19:08]  Carolyn Carillon: here too qadmon
[19:08]  hondomac Dalgleish: an issue for us outside of major centres too
[19:08]  Carolyn Carillon: but i imagine that will change
[19:08]  Corwin Carillon: I have argentinian and brazillian friends here to and they have the same issues
[19:09]  Sunshine Hapmouche: give it a year or so
[19:09]  Qadmon Celt: So I see the potential of this tools, but the fact is that not even 20% of the global population is online..
[19:09]  Corwin Carillon: and a lot of edu's K-12 and HE block it
[19:09]  Corwin Carillon: yes
[19:09]  Corwin Carillon: and this is high end
[19:09]  Carolyn Carillon: it is
[19:09]  Corwin Carillon: so maybe what .. 2% of that 20%?
[19:09]  Qadmon Celt: Sometimes I feel really concerned about the growing digital divide...
[19:10]  Corwin Carillon: yes
[19:10]  Carolyn Carillon: henry jenkins calls it a 'participation gap'
[19:10]  Corwin Carillon: so why do we keep pushing these things then?
[19:10]  Carolyn Carillon: definitely
[19:10]  Corwin Carillon: engagement gap
[19:10]  Qadmon Celt: exactly... that's the risk..
[19:10]  Carolyn Carillon: ooo, i like that
[19:10]  Corwin Carillon: as well as participation gap
[19:10]  Carolyn Carillon: definitely resonates with me
[19:10]  Qadmon Celt: me too..
[19:11]  Corwin Carillon: henrys talking more about civic engagement
[19:11]  Carolyn Carillon: but there's a connection, corwin
[19:11]  Corwin Carillon: yes
[19:11]  Corwin Carillon: there is a high degree of overlap
[19:11]  Corwin Carillon: and one affects the other
[19:11]  Carolyn Carillon: absolutely
[19:12]  Carolyn Carillon: you asked earlier why we push these things
[19:12]  Carolyn Carillon: i've learned a bit more here tonight
[19:12]  Qadmon Celt: Because we can?
[19:12]  Carolyn Carillon: this is an engaging place to be
[19:12]  Corwin Carillon: yes to all of us ... questioning myself too
[19:12]  Carolyn Carillon: a more engaging place to learn
[19:12]  Sunshine Hapmouche: perhaps we see the possibilities
[19:12]  Carolyn Carillon: different from a message board
[19:12]  Corwin Carillon: for some it is
[19:12]  Carolyn Carillon: & offers a whole new set of experiences
[19:12]  Corwin Carillon: I've met a lot who just hate it
[19:12]  Carolyn Carillon: :-)
[19:12]  Qadmon Celt: I agree with all of you... This is a great experience..
[19:12]  Carolyn Carillon: again with the engagement gap :-)
[19:13]  hondomac Dalgleish: nd it breeds enthusiasm and passion - that leads to innovation and adoption
[19:13]  Corwin Carillon: there is a key element around creativity in here for me
[19:13]  hondomac Dalgleish: creation of great spaces like this one
[19:13]  Corwin Carillon: the SL art ... sparks my creativity
[19:13]  Carolyn Carillon: this is a great environment for self-expression
[19:13]  Corwin Carillon: yes
[19:13]  Carolyn Carillon: we were giving a tour to one of the VPs at our college
[19:14]  Carolyn Carillon: we took him in to SL
[19:14]  Qadmon Celt: For me the great limitation is now knowing how to build things... Having to pay to get things done...
[19:14]  Corwin Carillon: and at the same time it can be very exlcusionary
[19:14]  Carolyn Carillon: and roamed looking for someone to talk to
[19:14]  hondomac Dalgleish: very much so - the ability to build, to modify your world and yourself is very engaging
[19:14]  Carolyn Carillon: when we finally met someone
[19:14]  Carolyn Carillon: we asked her why she liked SL
[19:14]  Carolyn Carillon: she said 'creativity'
[19:14]  Carolyn Carillon: couldn't ask for a better answer
[19:14]  Carolyn Carillon: because a lot of people don't see technology that way
[19:14]  Carolyn Carillon: or online learning that way
[19:14]  Carolyn Carillon: they see it as more of a technological straight jacket
[19:14]  Carolyn Carillon: sp??
[19:14]  Qadmon Celt: lucky you! LOL
[19:15]  Carolyn Carillon: perhaps because of some of the issues around LMSs
[19:15]  Corwin Carillon: I mean exclusionary also in the sense of our conversation about digidivide
[19:15]  Carolyn Carillon: they aren't the most flexible beasts
[19:15]  Carolyn Carillon: !!
[19:16]  hondomac Dalgleish: LMSs were designed for a time and place where most content was pre-existing and neede to managed - in here content happens on the fly
[19:16]  Sunshine Hapmouche: but they are a start in moving our of the brick classroom
[19:16]  Carolyn Carillon: how so sunshine?
[19:17]  Corwin Carillon: LMS came out of a conception of learning as transmission
[19:17]  Sunshine Hapmouche: our staff are still intimidated by Moodle
[19:17]  Corwin Carillon: what intimidates them sunshine?
[19:17]  Carolyn Carillon: LMSs just don't work well if your approach is more participatory
[19:17]  Carolyn Carillon: adaptive
[19:18]  Qadmon Celt: there's a risk with online moderation, too... If people try eLearning and faces a terrible moderator, or no moderator at all, that's the image they get of eLearning...
[19:18]  Carolyn Carillon: so true qadmon
[19:18]  Carolyn Carillon: one of the big challenges
[19:18]  Qadmon Celt: FOr me, it's critical to have more and better moderators... If we want to engage people..
[19:18]  Corwin Carillon: thats very true Qadmon
[19:18]  hondomac Dalgleish: I find LMSs to be somewhat inflexible, although I will admit that Moodle is less so than others I have worked with
[19:19]  Corwin Carillon: I'm concerned about that even more so in SCoPE as we are all online facilitators! :)
[19:19]  Carolyn Carillon: but we're here, too, Corwin
[19:19]  Corwin Carillon: in ref to Qadmon's point
[19:19]  Carolyn Carillon: & thanks for that
[19:19]  hondomac Dalgleish: moderation/facilitations is key, and we need to develop online facilitations skills and strategies
[19:19]  Qadmon Celt: exactly, cOrwin... Even with all the people participanting in SCoPE, we don't have "critical mass" yet..
[19:19]  Corwin Carillon: coz we are all facilitators it feels like I have a new line to negotiate
[19:19]  hondomac Dalgleish: they are different from the brickworld
[19:20]  Corwin Carillon: lol
[19:20]  Carolyn Carillon: difficult to develop
[19:20]  Carolyn Carillon: like any skill, you need to practice & practice :-)
[19:20]  Corwin Carillon: and language is key in moderation
[19:20]  Carolyn Carillon: most of our faculty don't even have experience as online learners
[19:20]  Qadmon Celt: that's true..
[19:20]  Carolyn Carillon: how so corwin?
[19:20]  Corwin Carillon: the way you phrase things is so important ...
[19:21]  hondomac Dalgleish: true - one of the advanttges that I do have
[19:21]  Corwin Carillon: open vs closing a conversation....
[19:21]  Qadmon Celt: I think being an online student should be a requisite to be an online facilitator...
[19:21]  Corwin Carillon: inclusive or exclusive of people and settings
[19:21]  Carolyn Carillon: can you explain the difference?
[19:21]  Carolyn Carillon: that's interesting
[19:21]  hondomac Dalgleish: it is so much more difficult than brick as allof the visual and body language cues are gone
[19:21]  hondomac Dalgleish: klanguage is key
[19:21]  Corwin Carillon: being able to think from multiple perspectives ... interpretations fo what you write before you hit submit
[19:22]  Corwin Carillon: yes hondo
[19:22]  Corwin Carillon: coming back to VoIP reduces strain for me
[19:22]  Corwin Carillon: we record conversations ..
[19:22]  hondomac Dalgleish: and typing is the new 21st century literacy skill
[19:22]  Sunshine Hapmouche: typing speed is a variation on body language
[19:22]  Corwin Carillon: listen on mp3s if not there
[19:22]  Corwin Carillon: hmmm
[19:22]  Corwin Carillon: not so sure Sunshine
[19:23]  Corwin Carillon: depends a bit if any protocols have been agrees
[19:23]  Corwin Carillon: agreed
[19:23]  Qadmon Celt: t h a t ' s t r u e... I c a n ' t t y p e f a s t e n o u g h ! ! !
[19:23]  Corwin Carillon: lol
[19:23]  Carolyn Carillon: :-)
[19:23]  Sunshine Hapmouche: I have trouble keeping up - must improve speed
[19:23]  Corwin Carillon: me too
[19:24]  hondomac Dalgleish: me either :-)
[19:24]  Corwin Carillon: so I type short ...
[19:24]  Corwin Carillon: with lots of .... .... ...
[19:24]  Corwin Carillon: :)
[19:24]  Qadmon Celt: same here...
[19:24]  Qadmon Celt: lots of ....
[19:24]  Sunshine Hapmouche: thanks for the tip
[19:24]  Corwin Carillon: hehe
[19:24]  hondomac Dalgleish: will
[19:24]  hondomac Dalgleish: have
[19:24]  Corwin Carillon: one from nancy white
[19:24]  hondomac Dalgleish: to
[19:24]  Qadmon Celt: LOL
[19:24]  hondomac Dalgleish: that :-)
[19:24]  hondomac Dalgleish: try
[19:24]  Carolyn Carillon: that's great
[19:24]  Carolyn Carillon: it's easier to read, too
[19:25]  Corwin Carillon: yes and ....
[19:25]  Sunshine Hapmouche: and more suspensful
[19:25]  Corwin Carillon: you know the person is still speaking
[19:25]  Corwin Carillon: lol
[19:25]  Sunshine Hapmouche: hmm, spelling is another issue
[19:25]  Qadmon Celt: I think that's another skill we need. To be able to say waht we wnat in a short way..
[19:26]  hondomac Dalgleish: new literacy skills for the online world
[19:26]  Qadmon Celt: We are so used to wirte looooonnngggg paragraphs in order to say a simple thing..
[19:26]  Carolyn Carillon: corwin, can i ask you more about opening & closing a conversation?
[19:26]  Corwin Carillon: maybe Qadom but ...
[19:26]  Carolyn Carillon: i'm not quite sure what you meant
[19:26]  Corwin Carillon: too short sort of means you're not being you.
[19:26]  Corwin Carillon: can mean
[19:27]  Qadmon Celt: you need to have balance...
[19:27]  Corwin Carillon: open vs closing ...
[19:27]  Corwin Carillon: yes Q
[19:27]  Qadmon Celt: And I mean blogs, for example... It's been so hard for me to have short posts!
[19:27]  Corwin Carillon: I meant that the language we use can sometimes shut down dialogue unintentionally
[19:27]  Carolyn Carillon: can you give an example?
[19:27]  Corwin Carillon: and sometimes we might want to shut it down!
[19:28]  Corwin Carillon: :)
[19:28]  Carolyn Carillon: hehe
[19:28]  Qadmon Celt: I wirte and write adn write, and I have to remember that a post is not an scholar article (though it could be)..
[19:28]  hondomac Dalgleish: :-)
[19:28]  Corwin Carillon: for example ...
[19:28]  Corwin Carillon: summary poss
[19:28]  Corwin Carillon: posts
[19:28]  Carolyn Carillon: and an open conversation?
[19:29]  Qadmon Celt: Strategies to feed the fire, so to speak, right?
[19:29]  Corwin Carillon: well the summary post is often used a way to coalesce plus with pointers forward but it ofttn shuts things down completely
[19:29]  Carolyn Carillon: great analogy, qadmon :-)
[19:29]  Qadmon Celt: the conversation fire, I mean..
[19:29]  Corwin Carillon: yes Qadmon
[19:29]  Corwin Carillon: but more than this
[19:29]  Corwin Carillon: I think we put out fires unintentionally a lot
[19:30]  Qadmon Celt: Happens all the time, COrwin..
[19:30]  Corwin Carillon: with people coming from very diff contenxts
[19:30]  Corwin Carillon: yesonground and online
[19:30]  Qadmon Celt: absolutely. just a word (even a stare) can kill dialogue completely..
[19:31]  Corwin Carillon: exactly
[19:31]  Corwin Carillon: but in narrowbandwith text only ...
[19:31]  hondomac Dalgleish: context is always an issue. Is it easier to set context in here with the visual component than it is in an online course without it?
[19:31]  Carolyn Carillon: narrowbandwidth?
[19:31]  Corwin Carillon: the impact is more difficult to judge at times
[19:31]  Qadmon Celt: I was just thinking about that...
[19:31]  Corwin Carillon: text only = narrow
[19:31]  Carolyn Carillon: gotcha
[19:32]  Sunshine Hapmouche: perhaps facilitation strategies / hints / tips and issues could be another thread at SCoPE?
[19:32]  Corwin Carillon: that's a great idea !
[19:32]  Carolyn Carillon: wonderful suggestion sunshine
[19:32]  Corwin Carillon: would you start it?
[19:32]  Qadmon Celt: I'm so focused on the chat that I kinda forget the environment, but just looking around reminds me that I'm sitting in a campfire.. LOL
[19:32]  hondomac Dalgleish: That's a great idea
[19:32]  Carolyn Carillon: :-)
[19:33]  Corwin Carillon: Sunshine ... will you post that thread for us?
[19:33]  Corwin Carillon: :-)
[19:33]  Sunshine Hapmouche: sure, I'll give it a try
[19:33]  Corwin Carillon: tyvm
[19:33]  Corwin Carillon: tyvm = thank you very much
[19:33]  Qadmon Celt: talking about short...
[19:33]  Sunshine Hapmouche: you're welcome
[19:34]  Qadmon Celt: short writing..
[19:34]  Sunshine Hapmouche: a glossary too?
[19:34]  Carolyn Carillon: heeh
[19:34]  Qadmon Celt: very useful, IMHO..
[19:34]  Corwin Carillon: hehe :) a glossary wouldn't harm!
[19:34]  Qadmon Celt: LOL
[19:34]  Carolyn Carillon: :-)
[19:35]  Corwin Carillon: Folks ... I'm starting to wilt ... this is a great conversation but this is my forth in 10 hours ... lagging
[19:35]  Carolyn Carillon: np corwin
[19:35]  Carolyn Carillon: thanks for a wonderful conversation
[19:36]  Qadmon Celt: it's late here too, corwin...
[19:36]  Carolyn Carillon: one of the best experiences i've had in sl
[19:36]  Carolyn Carillon: great to meet you all
[19:36]  Qadmon Celt: I agree. This has been great!
[19:36]  Corwin Carillon: if it's ok ...
[19:36]  Corwin Carillon: I will post the chat
[19:36]  Qadmon Celt: Ok by me
[19:36]  Carolyn Carillon: np
[19:36]  hondomac Dalgleish: this has been great Corwin thanks very much
[19:36]  Sunshine Hapmouche: I was just wondering what was discussed at the earlier sessions, thanks
[19:36]  hondomac Dalgleish: thanks
[19:36]  Corwin Carillon: the earlier one is in SCoPE
[19:36]  Qadmon Celt: thank you for this memorable environment, corwin..
[19:37]  Corwin Carillon: I had two others with another group .;.. CPsqaure
[19:37]  Sunshine Hapmouche: Thank you for a great experiance, thank you all for your patience
[19:37]  Corwin Carillon: ty all for a very meanigful discussion ...
[19:37]  Corwin Carillon: i've really got a lot from this :)
[19:37]  Carolyn Carillon: so corwin, we can come back & look around on our own anytime?
[19:38]  Carolyn Carillon: do you schedule other events here?
[19:38]  Corwin Carillon: yes it is open for now ....
[19:38]  hondomac Dalgleish: Hopefully you wiull be able to make it to our Thursday conversatiuon - we don't have a campfire but...
[19:38]  Corwin Carillon: it may move to the NMC campus soon
[19:38]  Carolyn Carillon: oh definitely
[19:38]  Carolyn Carillon: please come
[19:38]  Corwin Carillon: what time is it GMt .. Thu
[19:38]  Carolyn Carillon: midnight, hondo?
[19:38]  Carolyn Carillon: would that be right?
[19:39]  hondomac Dalgleish: 8PM GMT-4
[19:39]  Corwin Carillon: ack
[19:39]  Corwin Carillon: 4am for me
[19:39]  Carolyn Carillon: ugh!
[19:39]  hondomac Dalgleish: so midnight GMT
[19:39]  Corwin Carillon: mdinight GMt is 8am for me
[19:39]  Sunshine Hapmouche: is it every Thursday?
[19:39]  hondomac Dalgleish: ugh - that's no good
[19:39]  Carolyn Carillon: every thursday
[19:39]  hondomac Dalgleish: it is
[19:39]  Corwin Carillon: 8am is fine
[19:39]  Carolyn Carillon: corwin, we'll have to find a time for us to get together
[19:39]  Corwin Carillon: but 4pm GMT is imposs
[19:39]  hondomac Dalgleish: we will
[19:40]  Corwin Carillon: but go with your max numbers
[19:40]  Corwin Carillon: :)
[19:40]  Carolyn Carillon: perhaps we could invite some of our folks from organizational learning
[19:40]  Corwin Carillon: HK time is always off
[19:40]  Corwin Carillon grins
[19:40]  Carolyn Carillon: :-)
[19:40]  Carolyn Carillon: must be challenging
[19:40]  Corwin Carillon: hehe
[19:40]  hondomac Dalgleish: so it's almost noon Saturday in HK?
[19:40]  Corwin Carillon: yep
[19:40]  Corwin Carillon: 11.40am
[19:41]  Carolyn Carillon: so you're 12 hours off from us
[19:41]  Sunshine Hapmouche: just pull an all nighter or a sleep over party
[19:41]  hondomac Dalgleish: 12 hours difference with us - 11:40 PM Friday here
[19:41]  Corwin Carillon: ok, lookforward to talking back in SCoPE
[19:41]  Carolyn Carillon: ha!
[19:41]  hondomac Dalgleish: fo sure - glas we discovered each other
[19:41]  Corwin Carillon: hehe sunshine
[19:41]  Qadmon Celt: We'll see you back at SCoPE!
[19:41]  Corwin Carillon: if I can make it, I can bring a campfire!
[19:41]  Carolyn Carillon: sounds good
[19:42]  Carolyn Carillon: sure thing!
[19:42]  Sunshine Hapmouche: thank you so much for your calling cards, I hope you won't regret it!
[19:42]  hondomac Dalgleish: great
[19:42]  hondomac Dalgleish: never :-)
[19:42]  Carolyn Carillon: absolutely
[19:42]  Corwin Carillon: if you want to play around with the tools here, I can add you to the boracay group
[19:42]  Carolyn Carillon: thanks, corwin
[19:42]  Qadmon Celt: that would be great, crowin!
[19:42]  Carolyn Carillon: would appreciate that
[19:42]  Corwin Carillon: ok one sec
[19:42]  hondomac Dalgleish: That would be very kind Corwin
[19:43]  Sunshine Hapmouche: sure, it's always good to learn new stuff
[19:44]  Corwin Carillon: ok, you should all have received invites.
[19:44]  hondomac Dalgleish: Thanks
[19:44]  Corwin Carillon: you need to make sure the group is active
[19:44]  Sunshine Hapmouche: Thank you Corwin!
[19:44]  Qadmon Celt: You're very kind, Corwin!
[19:44]  Corwin Carillon: when you want to rez something
[19:44]  Corwin Carillon: my pleasure
[19:45]  Corwin Carillon: are you all gonna stay and chat a bit longer?
[19:45]  Carolyn Carillon: i think i better head off
[19:45]  Qadmon Celt: if anyone is interested, I'm qadmon at skype...
[19:45]  Carolyn Carillon: thanks qadmon
[19:45]  Sunshine Hapmouche: I need to go too
[19:45]  hondomac Dalgleish: I'm probably off home - it's near midnight here
[19:45]  hondomac Dalgleish: but this has been great
[19:45]  Qadmon Celt: I think I'll go too.. However, we can always force the sun back!
[19:45]  Sunshine Hapmouche: when I come back will I materialize her?
[19:46]  Corwin Carillon: depends how you have the client set up in preferences
[19:46]  Sunshine Hapmouche: here
[19:46]  Corwin Carillon: can you all stand up and I will clear this away
[19:46]  Qadmon Celt: It's been great to meet you all!
[19:46]  Sunshine Hapmouche: well I guess I'll find ourt next time then
[19:46]  hondomac Dalgleish: it has
[19:46]  Sunshine Hapmouche: good night
[19:46]  Carolyn Carillon: nite sunshine
[19:46]  Corwin Carillon: I can tell you now sunshine before you go
[19:47]  Qadmon Celt: good night to all!
[19:47]  Carolyn Carillon: nite all
[19:47]  hondomac Dalgleish: nite everyone
[19:49]  Sunshine Hapmouche: thanks again this has bee a lot of fun
[19:49]  Corwin Carillon: gnite
[19:49]  Sunshine Hapmouche: good night