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Welcome to our book project work space!

Welcome to our book project work space!

by Sylvia Currie -
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Welcome writers! I'm sending this message from our new book project workspace. So far 20 SCoPE members have indicated an interest in the Blogging to Enhance Learning Experiences book project through our poll. Wow!  wide eyes Check the project participant list for an up-to-date view of writers and known read-alongers.

I've created a single "main" forum to get us started. Here we can begin to sort through topics, roles, milestones, scope of project, and the finer details of how we want to publish our book. I'm sure there will be many, many questions to begin with! Feel free to launch new discussion threads as appropriate.

As we make decisions about how to proceed we can shape this project space to hold our collaborative work in common view (work plans, schedules, individual chapter workspaces, etc). We can use tools available in SCoPE (Moodle) or bring in other tools that serve our purpose. If ever you feel you don't have the access to do what you need to do, please holler!

So let the fun begin! I'm so excited about this project. Everything about it feels right! approve