Learning the Art of Online Facilitation: March 1-21, 2007

Virtual World Field Trip

Re: Virtual World Field Trip

by Jeffrey Keefer -
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Nick, I am sorry that I missed this -- I was presenting a paper at a conference.

Another question, though, that perplexes me. I joined SL a few weeks ago while attending another workshop, and since then have read everything I could about SL (including the chat logs from these two SCoPE sessions) without making the connection to education. It may very well be staring me in the face, but I cannot figure out what to do with SL from an educational perspective (I am an adult educator and instructional designer) outside of helping people get comfortable with technology. As there is no goal or game in SL, I have not used it much since I created my account since I cannot find a practical educational use for it beyond the "this is cool" factor. Perhaps if there were a way to have our real faces there, then an element of reality would help me see it more than just anime.

Am I missing something that everybody else seems to get?