Blogging for Self Learning

Blogging for Self Learning

by Therese Weel -
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Hello everyone,

I am  impressed with the opportunity the internet affords as a tool for self learning.  In 2003 I explored web publishing by converting  a front page site that I had been using to post my trip photos to some blogging software.

My first blog was a personal blog. Eventually I decided personal information and  photos were better shared privately so I transitioned over to do some "serious" tech writing in 2006.

Currently my blog is used to informally post information that I find of interest.  The value is mostly internal.  An opportunity to note and reflect on what I find interesting.  It can be a time consuming discipline.

This is a writing sample from last year on blogging software that may be of interest to this group.



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Re: Blogging for Self Learning

by Michael Griffith -
Therese from Vancouver (CA) has provided us here with a beautifully presented, simple and straightforward document on all aspects of Blogging tools for beginners... So good Therese... I am sure this belongs in at least two other strands of the symposium/ international conference.... it sure is growing like topsy....
So don't feel alone out there in your Blogging for Self-Learning subject... I am sure this will grow... but I know also that what you are offering is centrally relevant to many other of the strands in this "event"!
Thank you Therese.... perhaps you could tell us a little more about how your blog has functioned in your life? What has been its main value to you?


PS - absolutely loved your city when I was there a few years back... a definite sister city to Sydney... although a tad cooler!

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Re: Blogging for Self Learning

by Emma Duke-Williams -
Hi Therese
I started blogging very much for self learning, and would see that as my blogs primary role. If my students - or indeed anyone else - decides to read it, then that's great. But that's not who I'm writing it for.

Though I get students to blog - we don't actually mark the blog as such.What we do is to get them to write a reflective report, referring to particular blog posting. So, to a large degree, they are also using them for self learning.

I have also been looking at the idea of a Wiki as a form of personal organiser. It's possible to install some Wikis (e.g. MoinMoin desktop) to a USB stick - and to use it for note taking - so entirely for self learning.

To that end, I've recently seen someone discussing "Moodle on a stick" - I've downloaded the relevant files, but have not yet installed it. However, I can't see why you couldn't have a blog on a stick too!

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Re: Blogging for Self Learning

by Silvana Carnicero -

Dear Therese,

I have never used blogging for self-learning but I have seen colleagues doing so. I agree that this practice mey be time-consuming but I feel it may be enriching as we get to know other people´s view on your topic of interest.

I am planning to develop a blog for this purpose to see how it works. A soon as I start it, I'll let the members in this interest group to know so that you can give me your views.