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by Kelly Christopherson -
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there is such a fantastic integration of word, image, music.... a kind of synaesthesia we have been dreaming of for centuries.
Exactly!!  big grin
As an English major, it would have been such a rush to study The Bard or Woosworth or Hemingway or.... with the rich resources that are available. To put together multimedia mashups of pictures, sounds, words and video would have allowed for much deeper discussions of text rather than just the written word. While doing my MEd, one of the options that was being considered was exactly that kind of project, although not as ellaborate.
Of course, we cannot rush headlong into the night or we just may step on that rake in the grass black eye We are not what we were 5 years ago and all the wishing in the world will not change that fact. Common sense, combined with some technological precautions and  some forethought, will help to prevent us from experiencing the fate of people like Julie Amero. For some good reading on this particular case,check out Eric Hoefler Sicheii Yazhi site. However, all the precautions in the world, will not keep us entirely safe - kind of like birth control - the only sure method is to abstain! Each individual has to decide what they will do knowing that there are consequences for all actions.