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by Michael Griffith -
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Jennifer Goodwin- third year student last year- has provided an excellent summary of her first-hand experience of blogging in higher education. I think she raises some key issues that point to the real effectiveness of blogging in the "Higher Ed" class rooom: a way of deepening and sharing responses articulated in the classroom; a way of continuing the networking established in class; a way of hearing ALL students- not just the ueber-vocalizers; a way of introducting students gently into the wonderful world of Web2 tools; a canvas for creative artists of all persuasions (poets, film-makers, cartoonists, hypertext gurus) to develop and share their creative expressing; and amidst all of these: a way of filling the gaps in learning and in relationships.....
Thank you so much Jennifer Goodwin for this very thoughtful and succint summary of your years as an Australian Catholic University Blogger!!!!!!!
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