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Managing forum subscriptions (posts by email) in SCoPE

by Sylvia Currie -
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Larry, I rescued you from drowning in email messages! :-) I sent a note via email (probably just what you wanted -- more email!)

It's thrilling that this seminar discussion is so active! Understandably, some participants are finding that their current setting for forum subscriptions aren't working for them. Just in case others need a tip for managing email volume, one way to read along without a filling up your email inbox is to change your preferences in your profile to digest. Here's how:

- Click on your name anywhere in SCoPE. This will take you to your profile
- Select the "edit" tab
- Select one of the daily email options beside the "Email digest type" pull-down menu.
- Scroll down to click the "update profile" button.

This will give you a single email message per day.

Hope this helps! If you want other options don't hesitate to contact me: scurrie@sfu.ca