Thank you!

Thank you!

by Sylvia Currie -
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Like almost all SCoPE seminars we're winding down with that unfinished business feeling. approve That's good! Can you imagine if we managed to answer all of our burning questions?

The topic of evaluating informal learning has been particularly interesting because
a) we can all relate to it, and
b) we all want to better understand how it can impact our professional lives.

Caren and Bill have done such a terrific job of facilitating the past 3 weeks. Thank you! And thanks everyone for your participation. The wiki is coming together as a useful summary. Notice how our Week 2 summary is in the form of questions! That no doubt means future seminar topics! Feel free to add new headings and more resources to the wiki.

In keeping with tradition, even though this seminar was scheduled to end on May 1st, afterthoughts are always welcomed. Also, we'll be sure to remind Bill to keep us posted about the e-passport project.

Our next seminar is Humanizing the Online Experience with Jesai Jayhmes. We will combine asynchronous discussion with weekly live sessions to review and practice techniques for making real-time sessions engaging and interactive. The seminar was scheduled to begin May 4th but has been postponed until (tentatively) May 18th.

Sylvia Currie
SCoPE Coordinator